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earrings, plural;
  1. A piece of jewelry worn on the lobe or edge of the ear

  1. jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe
  2. A piece of jewelry worn on the ear
  3. (Earrings) Often gold, pirates and privateers wore them primarily as a show of wealth, to avoid taxation, or as security to pay for their funeral.
  4. (Earrings) Adventurers are now able to protect themselves better and become stronger by putting on earrings. However, only chosen ones can enjoy those benefits. Honor rank affects the chance of equipping with earrings.
  5. (Earrings) Rings properly for the ear (Gen 35:4; Num 31:50; Eze 16:12). In Gen 24:47 the word means a nose-jewel, and is so rendered in the Revised Version. ...
  6. (Earrings) Small lines, by which the uppermost corners of the largest sails are secured to the yardarms.
  7. (Earrings) The artifact Bazette used to summon Lancer with. Lancer wears the same ones.
  8. (Earrings) They give a nice finishing touch.
  9. (earrings) Decorative jewelry worn in the ears by Hindu women and many men. Yogis, especially those of the Natha tradition, wear large earrings to stimulate the psychic nadis connected to the ears. ...
  10. To see earrings in dreams, omens good news and interesting work is before you. To see them broken, indicates that gossip of a low order will be directed against you.
  11. Any ornament - button, clip, pendant shape etc. - attached to the lobe of the ear by screw, clip or wire.
  12. An item of jewellery worn in, or on, the earlobe. Nowadays most earrings are for pierced ears, however there are still clip-on and screw-back earrings for those who do not have pierced ears. ...
  13. (n) 1. A small gold hoop worn by old time sailors, the purpose of which is believed to have been to pay for their burial if their body washed ashore. 2. ...
  14. A cheating strategy where the dealer does not drop paper money directly into the Drop Box since they leave a corner of the bill in order to retrieve the bills later. Also referred to as the Hanger.
  15. Any ear ornament; not necessarily ring shaped
  16. for the Chavette, the biggest, most unwieldy hoop you can steal; for the Chav a chunky hoop or stud - diamond tipped for the dealer out on bail.
  17. Any jewelry item that is meant to be worn at the ear, whether attached to a post which runs through a hole pierced in the lobe, or dangling from a clip.