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Resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction,
  1. Resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction
    • - an earnest student
    • - two girls were in earnest conversation
  1. A thing intended or regarded as a sign or promise of what is to come
    • - the presence of the troops is an earnest of the world's desire not to see the conflict repeated elsewhere

  1. characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions; "both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate"; "an entirely sincere and cruel tyrant"; "a film with a solemn social message"
  2. something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract
  3. dear: earnest; "one's dearest wish"; "devout wishes for their success"; "heartfelt condolences"
  4. businesslike: not distracted by anything unrelated to the goal
  5. (earnestly) seriously: in a serious manner; "talking earnestly with his son"; "she started studying snakes in earnest"; "a play dealing seriously with the question of divorce"
  6. (earnestness) an earnest and sincere feeling
  7. (earnestness) seriousness: the trait of being serious; "a lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness"- Robert Rice
  8. Earnest is a serious mental state of intent - a proposal made in earnest will more likely be received favorably. The seriousness of the intent (when persisted will generally) result in actions to be of considerable or impressive degree or amount. ...
  9. A male given name, an occasional spelling variant of Ernest
  10. Seriousness; reality; fixed determination; eagerness; intentness; Ardent in the pursuit of an object; eager to obtain or do; zealous with sincerity; with hearty endeavour; heartfelt; fervent; hearty; -- used in a good sense; as, earnest prayers; Intent; fixed closely; as, earnest attention; ...
  11. (earnestly) In an earnest manner; being very sincere; putting forth genuine effort
  12. (Earnestness) The desire to make every minute count, always wanting to do the right thing for the team and the school.
  13. (Earnestness) Accompanied by a sober mind, sincere intent, and a serious purpose, a person in earnest is determined to achieve a desired result. If you do not really want it, do not pray for it. Save your prayers for those situations which require it. ...
  14. (Earnestness) that is, a high-minded and serious devotion to duty and virtue -- was a quality advocated by such central Victorian figures as Arnold and Tennyson, but it was mocked as a trait of the rigidly moralistic middle class by other Victorians who found middle-class values self-serving and ...
  15. The Spirit is the earnest of the believer's destined inheritance (Co2 1:22; Co2 5:5; Eph 1:14). The word thus rendered is the same as that rendered "pledge" in Gen 38:17; "indeed, the Hebrew word has simply passed into the Greek and Latin languages, probably through commercial dealings with the ...
  16. Heartfelt, serious and diligent, emotionally intense and solemn.
  17. serious in intention, purpose, or effort (Nov/Dec. 2010)
  18. contracts. The payment of a part of the price of goods sold, or the delivery of part of such goods, for the purpose of binding the contract.
  19. Earnest is a deposit paid to demonstrate a commitment. In the Staffordshire Potteries it could take the form of money or goods and was offered by an employer to a workman to seal a contract for employment.
  20. A deposit in part of payment, to bind a bargain.
  21. Money given by a buyer to a seller as part of the purchase price to bind a transaction or assure payment.
  22. Showing deep and sincere feelings.
  23. pledge, money paid beforehand
  24. (adjective) -- very serious