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Exactly like something else, esp. through having been copied,
  1. Exactly like something else, esp. through having been copied
    • - a duplicate license is issued to replace a valid license which has been lost
  2. Having two corresponding or identical parts
    • - a duplicate application form
  3. Twice as large or many; doubled
    • - duplicate taxes on oil and gas
  1. Make or be an exact copy of
    • - a unique scent, impossible to duplicate or forget
    • - they have not been able to duplicate his successes
  2. Make or supply copies of (a document)
    • - information sheets had to be typed and duplicated
    • - a duplicating machine
  3. Multiply by two; double
    • - the normal amount of DNA has been duplicated thousands of times
  4. Do (something) again unnecessarily
    • - most of these proposals duplicated work already done
  1. One of two or more identical things
    • - books may be disposed of if they are duplicates
  2. A copy of an original
    • - locksmiths can make duplicates of most keys
  3. A pawnbroker's ticket

  1. identically copied from an original; "a duplicate key"
  2. extra: something additional of the same kind; "he always carried extras in case of an emergency"
  3. make or do or perform again; "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
  4. a copy that corresponds to an original exactly; "he made a duplicate for the files"
  5. being two identical
  6. twin: duplicate or match; "The polished surface twinned his face and chest in reverse"
  7. Duplicate is a 2009 Malayalam movie directed by Shibu Prabhakar with Suraj Venjaramood in the lead role. This is Suraj's first movie as a hero and he handles a double role in the movie.
  8. Duplicate is an Indian Bollywood movie released on May 8, 1998. The movie was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and stars Shahrukh Khan in a double role opposite Juhi Chawla and Sonali Bendre. ...
  9. The Duplicate, published in 1988, is a science fiction novel for young adults written by William Sleator.
  10. (Duplication (genetics)) Gene duplication (or chromosomal duplication or gene amplification) is any duplication of a region of DNA that contains a gene; it may occur as an error in homologous recombination, a retrotransposition event, or duplication of an entire chromosome. ...
  11. One that resembles or corresponds to another; an identical copy; to make a copy of; to do repeatedly; to do again; to produce something equal to; being the same as another; identical. This may exclude the first identical item in a series, but usage is inconsistent
  12. (Duplicates) A second, third, etc., identical version of matchcover in a collection, often used for trading stock.
  13. (Duplicates) An additional license that a licensee may acquire, if necessary. Duplicates may be for additional rooms, rooms for designated persons, portable bars, controlled access cabinets in hotels, catering permits, events held on property adjacent to the licensed premises, beer manufacturers ...
  14. (Duplicates) Extra copies of stamps that can be sold or traded. Duplicates should be examined carefully for colour and perforation  variations.
  15. (Duplicates) no duplicate tickets will be issued, except with the specific agreement of the Opéra national de Paris and only in the case of seats with a customer name and number associated with them. ...
  16. (Duplicating) Small office with copying services (and ID replacement) for students, located in the North Building.
  17. (9. Duplication) You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service.
  18. (duplication) An additional copy of a DNA segment present in the genome. Gene duplication is the source of paralogous genes. See the Figure at NHGRI.
  19. (duplication) Gene sequence repeated several to many hundreds or thousands of times. Even normal chromosomes have such sequences.
  20. (duplication) The presence of an extra segment of DNA, resulting in redundant copies of a portion of a gene, an entire gene, or a series of genes, usually caused by unequal crossing-over during gene replication when gametes are formed in meiosis.
  21. (Duplication) A position in which the same number can be used in more than one way. For example, when your opponent can use a 5 to hit either of two blots, his 5's are said to be duplicated. ...
  22. (Duplication) The process of manufacturing CDs or DVDs with a laser that burns data onto the disc typically used for order quantities under 500 units.
  23. (duplication) A particular kind of mutation: production of one or more copies of any piece of DNA,  including a gene or even an entire chromosome. [NHGRI]
  24. (Duplication) The estimated number of people who read two or more given publications. A duplication table measures the crossover of readership
  25. Duplication is where a person consumes more than one media. So someone who reads the Daily Mail may also read Hello! and Elle. And when calculating reach and frequency duplication is taken into account.