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Of or relating to drama or the performance or study of drama,
  1. Of or relating to drama or the performance or study of drama
    • - the dramatic arts
    • - a dramatic society
  2. (of an event or circumstance) Sudden and striking
    • - a dramatic increase in recorded crime
  3. Exciting or impressive
    • - he recalled his dramatic escape from the building
    • - dramatic mountain peaks
  4. (of a person or their behavior) Intending or intended to create an effect; theatrical
    • - with a dramatic gesture, she put a hand to her brow

  1. suitable to or characteristic of drama; "a dramatic entrance in a swirling cape"; "a dramatic rescue at sea"
  2. sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect; "a dramatic sunset"; "a dramatic pause"; "a spectacular display of northern lights"; "it was a spectacular play"; "his striking good looks always created a sensation"
  3. used of a singer or singing voice that is marked by power and expressiveness and a histrionic or theatrical style; "a dramatic tenor"; "a dramatic soprano"
  4. (dramatically) in a very impressive manner; "your performance will improve dramatically"
  5. (dramatics) participation in theatrical productions as an extracurricular activity
  6. (dramatics) dramaturgy: the art of writing and producing plays
  7. DRAMATIC is the seventeenth studio album released by the jazz fusion group Casiopea in 1993. It is also an album which marks the introduction of a new Casipoea Member, Noriaki Kumagai, who replaced Masaaki Hiyama on drums due to his Medical problems caused by smoking, and, this also marks ...
  8. Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.Elam (1980, 98). The term comes from a Greek word meaning "action" (Classical Greek: δρᾶμα, drama), which is derived from "to do" (Classical Greek: δράω, drao). ...
  9. Drama (Δράμα, Dráma) is a town and municipality in northeastern Greece. Drama is the capital of the prefecture of Drama which is part of the East Macedonia and Thrace periphery. The town (pop. 42,501 in 2001) is the economic center of the municipality (pop. 55,632), which in turn comprises 53. ...
  10. (Drama!) "Drama!" is the first single released by Erasure from their fourth studio album Wild!. It was issued by Mute Records in the UK and Sire Records in the U.S.
  11. (Drama (band)) Drama are a 4-piece rock band formed in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England in 2006. The band comprises vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Ian Gordon, guitarist and backing vocalist Rob Heyes, bassist Rik Hindle and drummer Alan Taylor.
  12. (Drama (Beseech album)) Drama is Beseech's fourth album, released in 2003 by Napalm Records. The CD features 8 tracks.
  13. Of or relating to the drama; Striking in appearance or effect; Having a powerful, expressive singing voice
  14. (drama) A composition, normally in prose, telling a story and intended to be represented by actors impersonating the characters and speaking the dialogue; Such a work for television, radio or the cinema (usually one that is not a comedy); Theatrical plays in general; A dramatic situation in real ...
  15. (dramaticness) what you add drama or over emotion into your life you are practicing the art of dramaticness
  16. (Drama) The art of composing, writing, acting, or producing plays; a literary composition intended to portray life character or tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions exhibited through action and dialogue, designed for theatrical performance.
  17. (Drama) literature written to be performed
  18. (Drama) The form of literature known as plays; but drama also refers to the type of serious play that is often concerned with the leading character’s relationship to society rather than with some tragic flaw within his personality.
  19. (Drama) (Greek–”to do” or “to perform”). Drama is a type of literature whose primary information is conveyed almost entirely through dialogue and action, and is intended to be spoken aloud and performed before an audience.  In short, a play.
  20. "Aristotle called drama 'imitated human action.'  But because his meaning of imitation is in doubt, the phase is not as simple as it seems.  J. M. Manly saw three necessary elements in drama: 1.  a story  2.  told in action  3.  by actors who impersonate the characters. ...
  21. (DRAMA) A story written to be performed by actors. The script of a drama is made up of dialogue and stage directions. Dramas are generally divided into large units called acts, which are likewise commonly divided into scenes. Refer to comedy, genre, and tragedy.
  22. (Drama) (DRA-mah) n., Major preoccupation, concern, obsession.  “There is all kinds of drama with him about his parents.”  [Etym., 90’s youth]
  23. (Drama) A class where you can try acting and learn about the theatre.
  24. (Drama) A literary work meant to be performed in a theatre. If viewed from this functional angle, the definition of drama as a literary kind is non-controversial. ...
  25. (Drama) A method of action resolution where the GM chooses the result based on what would be most interesting for the story. Probably originated in discussions at the Forge but has become part of a wider body of language.