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Of, in, or characteristic of the central area or main business and commercial area of a town or city,
  1. Of, in, or characteristic of the central area or main business and commercial area of a town or city
    • - downtown Chicago
    • - a downtown bar
  1. Such an area of a town or city
    • - the heart of Pittsburgh's downtown
  1. In or into such an area
    • - I drove downtown

  1. of or located in the lower part of a town, or in the business center; "downtown Manhattan"; "delinquents roaming the downtown streets"
  2. business district: the central area or commercial center of a town or city; "the heart of Birmingham's downtown"
  3. toward or in the lower or central part of town
  4. Downtown is a term primarily used in North America to refer to a city's core (or center) or central business district, usually in a geographical, commercial, and community sense.
  5. The York Revolution is an American professional baseball team based in . They are a member of the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. ...
  6. Downtown is the first album released in the United States by Petula Clark following the success of her single of the same title. ...
  7. Downtown Anchorage is a neighborhood in the U.S. city of Anchorage, Alaska. Considered the central business district of Anchorage, Downtown has many office buildings, cultural points of interest, shopping areas, as well as dining and nightlife attractions. ...
  8. Downtown Athens in Athens, Georgia is considered by some to be the area bounded on the north by Prince Avenue, Dougherty Street and North Avenue; on the South by Broad Street and the University of Georgia campus; on the West by Milledge Avenue; and on the East by Foundry Street.
  9. Downtown (or Downtown-Convention Center) is a Capital MetroRail commuter rail station in Austin, Texas. It is located in Downtown Austin at the corner of Fourth and Neches Street behind the Austin Convention Center. It is the current southern terminus of the Red Line.
  10. Downtown is a 1990 police action film directed by Richard Benjamin and Starring Forest Whitaker, Joe Pantoliano and Anthony Edwards. This would be the second pairing of Edwards and Whitaker whom both were in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  11. Downtown is a fictional character from the toyline, comic books and cartoon series of the 1980s.
  12. "Downtown" is the third single from electropop band Kids of 88 off their debut album Sugarpills. This song was released digitally through the New Zealand iTunes Store on 19 July 2010.
  13. Miskolc City Centre is basically the historical part of the city of Miskolc, Hungary. Most of the other parts of the city were either independent towns and villages previously, or they were built later.
  14. From the 1960s song by Petula Clark, meaning any enemy target area where lots of anti-aircraft opposition can be expected. ...
  15. Where the ball goes when you absolutely launch one from the tee. Borrowed from the baseball term for where a home run ball goes.
  16. Referred to as a shot that was considered to distant for the normal shooter to take or in the 3-point area.
  17. Far from the basket, often synonymous with beyond the three-point arc.
  18. Minneapolis is approximately 12 miles from the airport, with fares averaging $37-$47. All taxi fares are metered at a rate of up to $2.50 per mile and include a $4 airport access fee that is added to the final metered fare.
  19. The concentration of commercial activities that serve the whole urban region, including specialized retail, financial, and business services, as well as public sector facilities. These activities may be organized into subareas according to function and market. ...
  20. The area including the Central Area and adjacent residential neighbourhoods (including Centretown, Sandy Hill, Lowertown East, Lowertown West and Dalhousie).
  21. A long way from the basket, as in, She just hit that shot from downtown!
  22. When players bid, they must say if their bid is downtown with low cards winning or uptown with high cards winning. The winning cards in a downtown bid are Hi Joker, Lo Joker, Ace, deuce, etc.
  23. Area of Babylon 5 between the water reclamation system and the hull, which is completely sealed. (213)
  24. Shooting the ball from a long distance. It means that you are shooting a three point basket.
  25. Anywhere near The Lake, south of The Zoo (Lincoln Park Zoo) and north of Soldier Field.