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dosages, plural;
  1. The size or frequency of a dose of a medicine or drug
    • - a dosage of 450 milligrams a day
    • - there are recommendations about dosage for elderly patients
  2. A level of exposure to or absorption of ionizing radiation

  1. dose: the quantity of an active agent (substance or radiation) taken in or absorbed at any one time
  2. dose: a measured portion of medicine taken at any one time
  3. Dosage is the fourth studio album by Atlanta-based American alternative rock band Collective Soul. The album was released in February 1999 and peaked at #21 in Billboard's albums chart (see 1999 in music). ...
  4. There are four main methods of sparkling wine production. The first is simple injection of carbon dioxide (CO2), the process used in soft drinks, but this produces big bubbles that dissipate quickly in the glass. ...
  5. Dosing generally applies to feeding chemicals or medicines in small quantities into a process fluid or to a living being at intervals or to atmosphere at intervals to give sufficient time for the chemical or medicine to react or show the results.
  6. (Dosing (Do Not Disturb)) Do Not Disturb (previously known as The Inn) is an American sitcom, which debuted as a Fall entry on Fox's primetime lineup on September 10, 2008. ...
  7. The administration of a medication etc, in a measured amount; dosing; The addition of a small measured amount of a substance to something e.g. sugar to wine; The measured amount so administered or added; the dose
  8. (Dosages) {url:/ajax_concepts/44777/?conceptid=277406006&callback=children&child_size=2}
  9. (Dosing) refers to either the number of grams of coffee per cup or the amount of brewed coffee per cup.
  10. (dosing) slipping a hallucinogenic drug into punch, brownies, etc., so that it will unwittingly be consumed by others
  11. Champagne making is a complex process. First the wine is fermented, and then a secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. After this, the plug of dead yeast cells is removed, and the wine is topped up with wine and sugar syrup¾the dosage. ...
  12. In bottle-fermented sparkling wines, a small amount of wine (usually sweet) that is added back to the bottle once the yeast sediment that collects in the neck of the bottle is removed.
  13. The addition of yeast and/or sugar to the cask or bottle to aid secondary fermentation.
  14. a form of pedigree analysis, popularized by Dr. Steven Roman, that has become mainly associated with determining whether Kentucky Derby contenders can go a mile and a quarter. ...
  15. A specific quantity of a biologically active compound.
  16. The prescribed amount of medicine or other therapeutic agent administered to treat a given illness.
  17. a term mostly used in the production of sparkling wines, referring to the process of topping up a bottle to adjust the sweetness level as well as the volume. ...
  18. The scheduled administration of individual drug doses,usually expressed as a quantity per unit of time. For example, aprescribed drug dosage may be 200 mg per day (but the individual dosecould be 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the evening).
  19. French term for the small amount of top-up liquid added to Champagne just before bottling, sweetened to desired level.
  20. A syrupy mixture of sugar and wine that's added to still wine, along with yeast, to fuel a secondary fermentation in the bottle to make champagne and other sparkling wine.
  21. After disgorging the wine, the bottle is topped up with the dosage until it reaches the desired level of sweetness. This is a mixture of wine and sugar syrup.
  22. The amount of chlorine per gallon or other unit of measurement found in a water purification system.
  23. How much of the intervention activity was done, how many people were involved and how much of each activity was administered to each participant, classroom or school over a specified length of time.
  24. Dosage is a cumulative exposure. It is the concentration of a chemical warfare agent to which an individual is exposed over a specific period of time.^^[229]
  25. There are many Dosage Theories, however, the one most commonly thought of as Dosage is by Dr. Steven Roman. The system identifies patterns of ability in horses based on a list of prepotent sires, each of whom is a chef-de-race. ...