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Most important, powerful, or influential,
  1. Most important, powerful, or influential
    • - they are now in an even more dominant position in the market
  2. (of a high place or object) Overlooking others

  3. Relating to or denoting heritable characteristics that are controlled by genes that are expressed in offspring even when inherited from only one parent

  4. Denoting the predominant species in a plant (or animal) community

  5. In decision theory, (of a choice) at least as good as the alternatives in all circumstances, and better in some
    • - holding back is here a dominant strategy
  1. A dominant thing, in particular

  2. A dominant trait or gene

  3. A dominant species in a plant (or animal) community

  4. The fifth note of the diatonic scale of any key, or the key based on this, considered in relation to the key of the tonic

  1. (music) the fifth note of the diatonic scale
  2. exercising influence or control; "television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion"; "the dominant partner in the marriage"
  3. dominant allele: an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different
  4. prevailing: most frequent or common; "prevailing winds"
  5. (dominance) laterality: superior development of one side of the body
  6. (dominance) the state that exists when one person or group has power over another; "her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her"
  7. In BDSM, a top or dominant is the partner in a BDSM relationship or in a BDSM scene who takes the active or controlling role over that of the bottom or submissive partner(s).
  8. In chant, a reciting tone (also called a recitation tone) is a repeated musical pitch around which the other pitches of the chant gravitate, or by extension, the entire melodic formula that centers on one or two such pitches. ...
  9. Prey is a science-fiction television series that aired for one season (13 episodes) in 1998 on ABC. The series starred Debra Messing, Adam Storke, Larry Drake, Frankie Faison, James Morrison, and Vincent Ventresca.
  10. (Dominance (C++)) In the C++ programming language, dominance implies a specific behaviour of symbol disambiguation in virtual inheritance. Consider the following example: class Parent { public: void function; };
  11. (Dominance (ecology)) Ecological dominance is the degree to which a species is more numerous than its competitors in an ecological community, or makes up more of the biomass. Most ecological communities are defined by their dominant species.
  12. (Dominance (economics)) Market dominance is a measure of the strength of a brand, product, service, or firm, relative to competitive offerings. There is often a geographic element to the competitive landscape. ...
  13. The fifth major tone of a musical scale (five major steps above the note in question); thus G is the dominant of C, A of D, and so on; The triad built on the dominant tone; Ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; as, the dominant party, church, spirit, power; Predominant, common, prevalent ...
  14. (dominantly) In a dominant manner
  15. (dominants) the species exerting the greatest influence on a community because of its life form or abundance.
  16. (Dominance) An interaction between alleles at a single locus so that in heterozygous animals the effect of one allele is greater than the other. The allele with the greater effect is considered to be dominant over the other allele. See Partial dominance and Overdominance.
  17. (Dominance) One of the seven goals. Its positive pole is leadership; its negative pole is dictatorship. It is used for lifetimes that emphasize "winning" and helping others win.  Read more about dominance.
  18. (Dominance) The principle of visual organization that suggests that certain elements should assume more importance than others in the same composition.
  19. (dominance) The importance of the emphasis of one aspect in relation to all other aspects of a design.
  20. Dominance is an object or color that stands out in relation to the rest of the painting.
  21. (Dominance) dominant genes affect the phenotype when present in either homozygous or heterozygous condition.  A dominant gene need only be obtained from one parent to achieve expression.
  22. (DOMINANCE) (Principle of Design)
  23. (DOMINANCE) Although most people associate dominance with aggression, the definition I prefer is one of establishing authority.
  24. (DOMINANCE) Your bird is walking around with his wings slightly spread out (giving him that "broad-shouldered look"), every now and then glancing back to make sure you see how dangerous and impressive he is! Watch your fingers!
  25. (Dominance) A condition where one member of an allele pair is expressed in exclusion to the other.