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distracted, past participle; distracted, past tense; distracts, 3rd person singular present; distracting, present participle;
  1. Prevent (someone) from giving full attention to something
    • - don't allow noise to distract you from your work
    • - she found his nearness distracting
  2. Divert (attention) from something
    • - it was another attempt to distract attention from the truth
  3. Divert one's attention from something worrying or unpleasant by doing something different or more pleasurable
    • - I tried to distract myself by concentrating on Jane
  4. Perplex and bewilder
    • - horror and doubt distract His troubl'd thoughts

  1. draw someone's attention away from something; "The thief distracted the bystanders"; "He deflected his competitors"
  2. perturb: disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed; "She was rather perturbed by the news that her father was seriously ill"
  3. (distracted) having the attention diverted especially because of anxiety
  4. (distraction) mental turmoil; "he drives me to distraction"
  5. (distraction) beguilement: an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations
  6. DisTract is an unfinished distributed bug tracking system/issue tracking system written in Haskell. It stores its bug database in a monotone repository, and currently only works with the Firefox web browser. ...
  7. (Distraction (song)) We Don't Need to Whisper is the debut album by American rock band Angels & Airwaves. It was released on May 20, 2006 in Australia, on May 22 in the UK, and on May 23 in North America.
  8. (Distraction (US)) Distraction is a British game show shown on Channel 4 and E4 in the United Kingdom. Presented by comedian Jimmy Carr, the show involves contestants answering questions, while being distracted in various bizarre, painful and humiliating ways.
  9. To divert the attention of
  10. (distraction) Something that distracts; The process of being distracted; Perturbation; disorder; disturbance; confusion; Mental disorder; a deranged state of mind; insanity
  11. (60)Distracted) nervous, worried or confused because you are worried about something
  12. (distracted) Although one must struggle against the centripetal forces of traction (all those entities which would hold us back, keep us in our place), the centrifugal forces of distraction (all those phenomena which would shatter our hard-won state of lucid mindfulness) can be equally as ...
  13. (distracted) no longer focussed on something.
  14. (distracted) unable to concentrate or focus
  15. (Distraction) Excessive space between fracture fragments or vertebral segments due to interposed tissue or, most often, axial forces.
  16. (distraction) In medicine, a pain relief method that takes the patient's attention away from the pain.
  17. (Distraction) A type of dislocation in which the bones of a joint have been separated without damage to their ligament.
  18. (Distraction) (1) Application of a force to mildly and temporarily release pressure from a joint. This tractioning of a joint space is for the purpose of releasing entrapped soft tissues, such as the joint capsule or spinal nerve roots. ...
  19. (Distraction) A deluded mental factor that wanders to any object of delusion. See Understanding the Mind.
  20. (Distraction) For example, kids getting chemotherapy may use a video game to help keep their mind off what is happening. This may also help mentally block the nausea and vomiting.
  21. (Distraction) Inadequate attention to processing a message. This is not limited to live conversations or broadcasts. Any person may improperly process any message if they do not focus adequately.
  22. (Distraction) The act of paying attention to the wrong thing.  In the early 21^st century, Americans live in a culture of distraction, designed to keep us thinking about white teeth and white  laundry, about beer and big breasts, about junk food and giant cars, about fun and fashion, instead of ...
  23. (Distraction) The cognitive strategy of focusing attention on stimuli other than pain or negative emotions that accompany pain.
  24. (Distraction) This is the use of photographs, massage, mental imagery, or other visual or audio stimulation during labor to keep your mind off the pain. This is one method used in natural childbirth.
  25. (Distraction) as the stimulus happens, through treats, praise, or similar.