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disparities, plural;
  1. A great difference
    • - economic disparities between different regions of the country
    • - the great disparity of weight between the sun and the planets

  1. inequality or difference in some respect
  2. the state of being unequal; difference; incongruity
  3. (Disparities (in care)) Disparities in care are differences in the delivery of health care, access to health care services and medical outcomes based on ethnicity, geography, gender and other factors that do not include socioeconomic status or insurance coverage. ...
  4. The difference between the number of 1's and 0's in a Transmission Character. A Transmission Character with more 1's than 0's is said to have positive running disparity. A Transmission Character with more 0's than 1's is said to have negative running disparity. ...
  5. is the difference between the success rate for students of color and the success rate for white students.  The goal for 2015 is to eliminate or reduce the success rate disparity between the two groups of students.
  6. The distance between conjugate points on overlaid retinae, sometimes called retinal disparity.  The corresponding term for the display screen is parallax.
  7. in a binocular vision system, the displacement of a pixel between the two images due to the difference in point of observation.
  8. major variations in morphology or body plan.
  9. Variation in pay to workers engaged in similar work in similar industries or in different economic regions.
  10. 1. a difference in health care quality based on geography. 2. a difference in health care quality and/or availability based on race, socioeconomic, or some other status.
  11. Inequality, usually income disparity.
  12. means inequality in outcome or condition between cultural groups or differences in outcomes or conditions between cultural groups that are not predictable based on the number of group members present in the general population.