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disorders, plural;
  1. Disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of
    • - she went to comb her disordered hair
    • - his sleep is disordered
  2. Disrupt the healthy or normal functioning of
    • - a patient who is mentally disordered
  1. A state of confusion
    • - tiresome days of mess and disorder
  2. The disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior
    • - recurrent food crises led to periodic outbreaks of disorder
  3. A disruption of normal physical or mental functions; a disease or abnormal condition
    • - eating disorders
    • - an improved understanding of mental disorder

  1. a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning; "the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder"; "everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time"
  2. perturb: disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed; "She was rather perturbed by the news that her father was seriously ill"
  3. bring disorder to
  4. disorderliness: a condition in which things are not in their expected places; "the files are in complete disorder"
  5. a disturbance of the peace or of public order
  6. (disordered) broken: thrown into a state of disarray or confusion; "troops fleeing in broken ranks"; "a confused mass of papers on the desk"; "the small disordered room"; "with everything so upset"
  7. DISORDER is the first album released by Japanese band The Gazette. It was released on October 13, 2004 and peaked at #3 on the Oricon daily charts. The first press limited edition came with a special black and gold case and features both 'intro' and 'disorder heaven.'
  8. Disorder are a hardcore punk band that formed in the Bristol area of the United Kingdom in 1980, and has existed with varying line-ups to this day.
  9. Disorder is an EP by Canadian electro-industrial band Front Line Assembly released in 1988. This was the band's first EP which was only released on Vinyl. Later Disorder was released on a record called Convergence, along with the Corrosion album.
  10. A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism. It is often construed to be a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. ...
  11. Entropy is a macroscopic property of a system that is a measure of the microscopic disorder within the system. It is an important part of the second law of thermodynamics. Thermodynamic systems are made up of microscopic objects, e.g. atoms or molecules, which "carry" energy. ...
  12. (disordered) Chaotic; without clear order; in a state of disorder; Deranged
  13. (Disordered) minimizing and lifting of lattice constraints, which provides new degrees of freedom, permitting the placement of elements in multi-dimensional spaces where they interact in ways not previously available. ...
  14. (disorders) A unique pattern of dna fragments as revealed by southern hybridization or by the polymerase chain reaction.
  15. (disorders) Problems in how the body functions. Health problems caused by mutations in the genes are referred to as genetic disorders.
  16. (disorders) an array of physiological disorders results in symptoms that can be mistaken for a disease. Disorders on palms can be caused by sensitivity to the environment, nutritional deficiency, plant stress, etc.
  17. A disturbance in regular or normal function. An abnormal condition.
  18. A disturburbance or interruption of the normal structure or function of the body or mind that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs.
  19. The number of disorder offences recorded by police. These offences include behaviours such as fighting in a public place, disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence and using obscene language. Disorder is often associated with excessive consumption of alcohol. ...
  20. A mental or physical condition that is not considered normal.
  21. A disturbance in normal functioning (mental, physical or psychological).
  22. In medicine, a disturbance of normal functioning of the mind or body. Disorders may be caused by genetic factors, disease or trauma.
  23. Anarchy, Argument, Barbarism, Chaos, Conflict, Danger, Desolation, Fighting, Separation, Violence.
  24. take-out order at Burger World. "My number is 86 - is disorder ready yet?"
  25. This is a general term covering symptoms, syndromes, complaints, clinical signs, illnesses, handicaps, injuries.