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disillusionments, plural;
  1. A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be
    • - the high abstention rate at the election reflected the voters' growing disillusionment with politics

  1. disenchantment: freeing from false belief or illusions
  2. (disillusioned) freed from illusion
  3. A feeling that arises from the discovery that something is not what it was anticipated to be, commonly held to be stronger than disappointment especially when a belief central to one’s identity is shown to be false; The act of freeing from an illusion; the state of being freed therefrom
  4. Feeling experienced by many when they finally realize that, despite a certain number of success stories, College Bowl is still not an ideal venue for picking up females.
  5. the act of disenchanting, especially to disappoint or embitter by leaving without illusion.