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disbursing, present participle; disbursed, past tense; disbursed, past participle; disburses, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Pay out (money from a fund)
    • - $67 million of the pledged aid had already been disbursed

  1. expend, as from a fund
  2. (disbursement) expense: amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)
  3. (disbursement) spending: the act of spending or disbursing money
  4. To pay out, expend; usually from a public fund or treasury
  5. (disbursement) Money paid out or spent
  6. (Disbursement) Payment by cash or check.
  7. (Disbursement) Sums paid out by a ship's agent at a port and recovered from the carrier.
  8. (Disbursement) The transfer of financial resources and or good and services from a donor to a recipient country. ««
  9. (Disbursement) Miscellaneous expenses other than lawyer fees and court costs (i.e. filing fees) which paid on behalf of another person and for which reimbursement will eventually be demanded of that person. ...
  10. (Disbursement) The process by which funds are made available to students for use in meeting educationally related expenses. Funds are first credited to the student's account.
  11. (Disbursement) Investments by funds into portfolio companies.
  12. (Disbursement) the release of financial aid funds to individual student accounts; funds are disbursed when the student's financial aid file is complete and registration has been verified.
  13. (disbursement) The court’s distribution of money that it receives through fines or bail to the people that, according to the law, should get the money.
  14. (Disbursement) A Fee which is paid to a third party.
  15. (disbursement) Cash paid out by a business.
  16. (Disbursement) The paying out of collected child support funds.
  17. (Disbursement) is a withdrawal of funds from an individual trust account
  18. (Disbursement) A payment made or disbursed by a professional like a lawyer. For example, a bank disbursement to pay for a mortgage. It may also include photocopies, courier charges and the like.
  19. (Disbursement) A cash expenditure for the purpose of settling a debt.
  20. Disbursement is the cash payment of an obligation. Issuance of a warrant is considered to be a cash payment.
  21. (Disbursement) The release of loan funds to the school for delivery to the borrower. Disbursements are usually made in equal multiple installments co-payable to the borrower and the school.
  22. (Disbursement) The transfer of loan proceeds by individual check, master check, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) by a lender to a borrower, a school, or an escrow agent. ...
  23. (Disbursement) The date on which the loan funds are released to the university for payment.
  24. (Disbursement) the payment to a borrower of all or part of the sum borrowed under a loan.
  25. (DISBURSEMENT) Payment made by the Transporters for border charges, customs fees etc. on behalf of owners.