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directives, plural;
  1. Involving the management or guidance of operations
    • - he is seeking a directive role in energy policy
  1. An official or authoritative instruction
    • - moral and ethical directives

  1. a pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity; "the boss loves to send us directives"
  2. directing: showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on; "felt his mother's directing arm around him"; "the directional role of science on industrial progress"
  3. (directivity) the property of a microphone or antenna of being more sensitive in one direction than in another; "the antenna received signals with no directivity"
  4. European Union law (historically called European Community law) is a body of treaties, law and court judgements which operates alongside the legal systems of the European Union's member states. ...
  5. A directive is a legislative act of the European Union, which requires member states to achieve a particular result without dictating the means of achieving that result. It can be distinguished from regulations which are self-executing and do not require any implementing measures. ...
  6. In computer programming, the term directive is applied in a variety of ways that are similar to the term command. It is also used to describe some programming language constructs (e.g. those specifying how a compiler or assembler should process its input).
  7. In electromagnetics, directivity is a figure of merit for an antenna. It measures the power density an actual antenna radiates in the direction of its strongest emission, relative to the power density radiated by an ideal isotropic radiator antenna radiating the same amount of total power. ...
  8. An instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal; An authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force; A form of legislative act addressed to the Member States. ...
  9. (directivity) The effect of earthquake motion propagation being greater in the direction of the rupture
  10. (Directives (Police Directives-formerly "General Orders")) The local administrative rules the police use as guidelines for doing their duty.
  11. (Directives) “The illocutionary point of these consists in the fact that they are attempts (of varying degrees, and hence, more precisely, they are determinates of the determinable which includes attempting) by the speaker to get the hearer to do something.” (p. ...
  12. (directives) Keywords used to control compilation and animation.
  13. (directives) speech acts that are to cause the hearer to take a particular action, e.g. requests, commands and advice
  14. (Directivity) The difference of coupled power levels obtained after applying power through the coupler in both the forward and reverse directions with all other ports properly terminated.
  15. (Directivity) A measurement of the desired signal strength to the undesired signal strength.  Determined by taking the value of isolation and subtracting the specified coupling (including all variations). ...
  16. (Directivity) Fraction of optical power transferred from one input port to any other input port.
  17. (Directivity) It is a measure of how focused an antenna coverage pattern is in a given direction. A theoretical loss-less antenna element, referred to as a isotropic element, has 0 dBi directive gain equally distributed in all 3 dimensions. ...
  18. (Directivity) The perception that can help determine that sound from a speaker is actually coming from that speaker; as well as the degree to which sound from a speaker travels to the listener and can be perceived as traveling from that source.
  19. (Directivity) The ratio of electromagnetic radiation of a real antenna at an AZ/EL angle (typically specified at boresight) to its radiation in all directions averaged over a sphere. Measured in the far field.
  20. (Directivity) The tendency of a loudspeaker transducer to radiate sound in a particular direction. Typically used to describe the dispersion patterns in horn-loaded drivers. A very directive driver will project sound only to a small portion of three-dimensional space. ...
  21. (Directivity) The theoretical characteristic of an antenna to concentrate power in only one direction, whether transmitting or receiving.
  22. (directive)–A formal instruction requiring government institutions to take (or avoid) specific actions. Directives explain how deputy heads and their officials must meet the policy objective.
  23. An instruction to the Active Server Pages (ASP) script engine that specifies properties, such as script language, for the selection of a script.
  24. In contrast to a regulation, a directive only obliges the member states only concerning the goal which they have to implement in a given period of time. An example is the deliberate release directive. ...
  25. The grok module defines a set of directives that allow you to configure and register your components.