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directions, plural;
  1. A course along which someone or something moves
    • - she set off in the opposite direction
    • - the storm was expected to take a more northwesterly direction
  2. The course that must be taken in order to reach a destination
    • - he had a terrible sense of direction
  3. A point to or from which a person or thing moves or faces
    • - a house with views in all directions
    • - support came from an unexpected direction
  4. A general way in which someone or something is developing
    • - new directions in painting and architecture
    • - any dialogue between them is a step in the right direction
    • - it is time to change direction and find a new job
  5. General aim or purpose
    • - the campaign's lack of direction
  6. The management or guidance of someone or something
    • - under his direction, the college has developed an international reputation
  7. The work of supervising and controlling the actors and other staff in a movie, play, or other production

  8. Instructions on how to reach a destination or about how to do something
    • - Preston gave him directions to a restaurant
    • - directions for making puff pastry
  9. An authoritative order or command
    • - to suggest that members of Congress would take direction on how to vote is an affront

  1. a line leading to a place or point; "he looked the other direction"; "didn't know the way home"
  2. the spatial relation between something and the course along which it points or moves; "he checked the direction and velocity of the wind"
  3. a general course along which something has a tendency to develop; "I couldn't follow the direction of his thoughts"; "his ideals determined the direction of his career"; "they proposed a new direction for the firm"
  4. guidance: something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  5. management: the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program"; "is the direction of the economy a function of government?"
  6. a message describing how something is to be done; "he gave directions faster than she could follow them"
  7. Direction is The Starting Line's third studio album, following Based on a True Story, and was released on July 31, 2007.
  8. The Alexander technique is an educational discipline with therapeutic effects. It teaches how to get free of self-imposed limitations that were accidentally learned while training a skill or answering a priority. ...
  9. Direction is the information contained in the relative position of one point with respect to another point without the distance information. ...
  10. The Direction – Social Democracy (Smer – sociálna demokracia), often abbreviated to Smer, is a left wing political party in Slovakia. It is led by Robert Fico, who has been Prime Minister from 2006 to 2010. It is the largest party in the National Council, with 62 seats.
  11. "Direction" is a 7" single released in 1994 by American Riot Grrrl rock band Heavens to Betsy.
  12. (Directions (delegated legislation)) Directions are a form of delegated legislation used in the United Kingdom.
  13. The action of directing; pointing (something) towards; Guidance, instruction; The work of the director in cinema or theater; the skill of directing a film, play etc; An address; The path or course of a given movement, or moving body; an indication of the point toward which an object is moving
  14. (directions) Instructions, particularly as to how to reach a destination
  15. (directions) A term synonymous with progression. See Progressions.
  16. Directions are instructions by the Tribunal as to the procedures to be followed by the parties in preparing or presenting their cases. Directions relate to matters such as the exchange of evidence before a hearing.
  17. (Directions) Click here for directions
  18. (directions) Orders issued by the tribunal as to the procedural aspects of the case – for example, as to disclosure of documents, exchange of witness statements, bundles of documents, etc.
  19. (Directions) The aspects between progressed planets or transits, and natal planets, cusps or angles. The motion of these aspects are followed so that the astrologer may determine when certain effects will function and in what manner they are likely to manifest.
  20. (DIRECTIONS) Find your phrase in the left column. Say the slanguage phrase in the right column with emphasis on the RED word or object. That's all there is to directions for SWAHILI SLANGUAGE. The sound byte follows
  21. (DIRECTIONS) From San Luis, drive 9 miles south on Highway 159. Take a right on County Road J (heading west) and drive 1/2 mile. Take a right and head 1/2 mile north. The property is on the left hand side. #23-2-73
  22. (DIRECTIONS) We are located next to I-85 in Greer, SC which is approximately half way between Greenville and Spartanburg, SC off I-85. Take interstate 85 to exit 58 get off (it only goes one way) and follow to Brockman - McClimon Road (fi rst left- 1/8 mile) follow 2. ...
  23. (DIRECTIONS) What you should read before using any chemicals.
  24. (Directions) (1980 - previously unissued recordings from 1960-1970)
  25. (Directions) (Canadian dialects). 1974. 4-track tape collage