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diplomas, plural;
  1. A certificate awarded by an educational establishment to show that someone has successfully completed a course of study

  2. An official document or charter

  1. a document certifying the successful completion of a course of study
  2. A diploma (from Greek δίπλωµα. díplōma, meaning "folded paper") is a certificate or deed issued by an educational institution, such as a university, that testifies that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study, or confers an academic degree. ...
  3. Diploma is the third album and his very 1st album by Sony BMG of Pinoy rapper, Gloc-9. It has 14 tracks and released under Sony BMG on 2007.
  4. Diploma in Japan has 2 meanings. They can be translated into the Japanese original academic degree and the Graduation deed.
  5. CPCC Diplomas are awarded after completion of a minimum of 36 semester credit hours of required courses in the student’s program of study. For program completion, the final 9 credit hours must be earned at CPCC.
  6. (Diplomas) Are awards granted by community colleges that are intended to be completed in two years by individuals who are seeking to become employed in a technical field that requires significant practical training prior to (or concurrent with) employment. ...
  7. (Diplomas) New qualifications combining applied and theoretical learning related mainly to different employment sectors, being introduced for the 14 to 19 age group in England only from September 2008.
  8. (Diplomas) in certain subjects, as health, education, geography, and political economy, are granted by Convocation after a certain period of study and an examinational test. ...
  9. University diplomas are issued by the Degree Progress Department in the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. Diplomas are automatically ordered for students at the time their degrees are posted to their academic records. The university does NOT issue multiple copies. ...
  10. Breaking a maiden, winning for the first time.
  11. An official document issued by a college or university indicating that a student has earned a certain degree or certificate.
  12. A qualification awarded for a course of higher education
  13. A Diploma is a qualification offered at Vocational Education and Training (VET) level. A VET Diploma often follows a Certificate. A small number of Bachelors' degrees also offer an early exit point at Diploma level.
  14. A University qualification, generally awarded at graduate or postgraduate level.
  15. type of very formal legal document or charter
  16. A diploma is a document bearing the record of graduation from a college or university.
  17. An official document awarded by colleges and high schools to students when they complete required courses of study.
  18. like the Certificate, a Diploma is earned after completing a certain number of courses.  For example, students can earn a Diploma in Engineering before completing the final two years of a Bachelor of Engineering.
  19. A qualification, or the term is used to refer to the official certificate you receive when your degree is conferred
  20. A document given to high school, college, or university graduates to show that they have completed the required courses. ...
  21. a qualification awarded on the basis of one or two years' successful study. Usually it is at less than degree level, but some diplomas are at the graduate level.
  22. A diploma requires the completion of a specific program of study, usually requiring 60 to 75 credits and a minimum of 20 courses, generally representing two years of academic study. See Policy No. F1001.
  23. Clearance or service letter; fake service letter
  24. A certificate awarded when a learner completes a defined set of requirements.
  25. A formal document received after completing a specified course of study.