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digested, past participle; digested, past tense; digesting, present participle; digests, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Break down (food) in the stomach and intestines into substances that can be used by the body

  2. Understand or assimilate (new information or the significance of something) by a period of reflection

  3. Arrange (something) in a systematic or convenient order, esp. by reduction
    • - the computer digested your labors into a form understandable by a program
  4. Treat (a substance) with heat, enzymes, or a solvent in order to decompose it or extract essential components

  1. A compilation or summary of material or information
    • - a digest of their findings
  2. A periodical consisting of condensed versions of pieces of writing or news published elsewhere

  3. A methodical summary of a body of laws

  4. The compendium of Roman law compiled in the reign of Justinian

  5. A substance or mixture obtained by digestion
    • - a digest of cloned DNA

  1. a periodical that summarizes the news
  2. convert food into absorbable substances; "I cannot digest milk products"
  3. arrange and integrate in the mind; "I cannot digest all this information"
  4. compilation: something that is compiled (as into a single book or file)
  5. put up with something or somebody unpleasant; "I cannot bear his constant criticism"; "The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks"; "he learned to tolerate the heat"; "She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage"
  6. become assimilated into the body; "Protein digests in a few hours"
  7. The Digest, also known as the Pandects (Lat. Digesta seu Pandectae, adapted from Gr. πανδέκτης pandektes, "all-containing"), is a name given to a compendium or digest of Roman law compiled by order of the emperor Justinian I in the 6th century (A.D. 530-533).
  8. That which is digested; especially, that which is worked over, classified, and arranged under proper heads or titles; A compilation of statutes or decisions analytically arranged; a summary of laws; Any collection of articles, as an Internet mailing list "digest" including a week's postings, or ...
  9. (Digests) are finding tools which provide subject access to cases. They usually consist of several volumes containing summaries legal issues in cases organized pursuant to a subject outline.
  10. Commonly used to refer to the output of a hash function, e.g. message digest refers to the hash of a message.
  11. a collection of new messages mailed to the members of an archived list as one message. A list is called digested when it is archived and, periodically, a digest is sent out.
  12. An index or compilation of abstracts of reported cases into one, set forth under proper law topic headings or titles and usually in alphabetical arrangement.
  13. A collected edition that is reprinted at a smaller scale than a trade paperback (which is reprinted at the same size as the original comic). A digest typically measures 4″ x 5″ and thus fits better on a traditional bookshelf…and in a small reader’s hands!
  14. is a condensed version of a Document or topic, or of several related topics.  It is similar in many respects to an Informative abstract.  The term may also refer to a regular or occasional Synopsis of current literature or news.  See also: Abstract, Report.
  15. The brief measure summary found at the top of a bill. The digest is written by Legislative Counsel.
  16. A single file or mail message that contain many individual messages or postings. Often used in conjunction with a listserv or Usenet newsgroup.
  17. The Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard is produced under authority of NATO's Digital Geographic Information Working Group. ...
  18. Prepared by the Legislative Counsel, it summarizes the effect of the proposed bill on current law. It appears on the first page of every printed measure.
  19. An index to case law arranged by subjects, and case name including brief paragraphs giving the holding of the courts.
  20. (Digital Geographic Exchange Standard) Standard that supports images and gridded data in alignment with the ISO/IEC 1/SC 24 BIIF standard. ...
  21. collection of short summaries of points of law from judicial decisions, arranged by topic; used to find cases in reporters. ...
  22. A case digest service covering English and Commonwealth law.
  23. Data that has been organized into a format that provides for quick access to each piece of data.
  24. A set of mailing list messages combined into one file
  25. To cut DNA molecules with one or more restriction endonucleases. See cleave.