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diamonds, plural;
  1. A precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance

  2. A tool with a small stone of such a kind for cutting glass

  3. In extended and metaphorical use with reference to the brilliance, form, or hardness of diamonds
    • - the air glitters like diamonds
  4. A figure with four straight sides of equal length forming two opposite acute angles and two opposite obtuse angles; a rhombus
    • - decorative diamond shapes
  5. One of the four suits in a conventional pack of playing cards, denoted by a red figure of such a shape

  6. A card of this suit
    • - she led a losing diamond
  7. The area delimited by the four bases of a baseball field, forming a square shape

  8. A baseball field

  1. a transparent piece of diamond that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem
  2. very hard native crystalline carbon valued as a gem
  3. rhombus: a parallelogram with four equal sides; an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram
  4. a playing card in the minor suit that has one or more red rhombuses on it; "he led a small diamond"; "diamonds were trumps"
  5. baseball diamond: the area of a baseball field that is enclosed by 3 bases and home plate
  6. In mineralogy, diamond (from the ancient Greek αδάμας – adámas "unbreakable") is an allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice. ...
  7. Diamond is a full length album from 12012. The album was their major label debut, after their move to Universal Music. ...
  8. Diamond is the second studio album by Spandau Ballet. It was released on May 25, 1982 by Chrysalis Records. The album was promoted with the single "Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)", which was released in 1981, a full year before the album, and it reached #3 in the UK Singles Chart. ...
  9. Diamond was, according to legend, Sir Isaac Newton's favorite dog, which, by upsetting a candle, set fire to manuscripts containing his notes on experiments conducted over the course of twenty years. ...
  10. Blood Diamond is a 2006 war film co-produced and directed by Edward Zwick starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. ...
  11. Diamond (from the ancient Greek ἀδάμας – adámas, meaning "unbreakable," "proper," or "unalterable") is one of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones. ...
  12. A glimmering glass-like mineral that is an allotrope of carbon in which each atom is surrounded by four others in the form of a tetrahedron; A gemstone made from this mineral; A ring containing a diamond; A very pale blue color/colour; Something that resembles a diamond; A rhombus, especially ...
  13. (diamonds) One of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♦
  14. (diamonds) Markings on the table delineating target points and areas of the table.
  15. (Diamonds) Units of interest in the diamonds trust, a unit investment trust that serves as an index to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in that its holdings consist of the 30 component stocks of the Dow.
  16. (Diamonds) (jumping sequence is performed whilst crossing one side of the elastic over the other to make a diamond shape.)
  17. (Diamonds) Amphetamines; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
  18. (Diamonds) Changes based on the properties of the cutting materials. For hard materials like stone, smaller diamond crystals are used so they don’t fracture or get pulled out of the bond prematurely. ...
  19. (Diamonds) Gold prospectors at Nullagine made the first discovery of diamonds in WA in 1895, but the development of this and subsequent small alluvial deposits proved not economically viable. ...
  20. (Diamonds) In terms of appeal, diamond is the world's most popular gems. It has great brilliance, plus the delightful quality known as fire or dispersion (the ability to turn white light into a rainbow of colors). ...
  21. (Diamonds) Infers you find clarity in matters that have been clouding you.
  22. (Diamonds) Inlays (diamond or circular shaped) on the rails that serve as reference points. They divide the end rails into four equal parts and the side rails into eight equal parts. Also referred to as "sights".
  23. (Diamonds) Money, communication, financial or thought-related matters. Also: the near future, youth, or Spring. Element of Fire.
  24. (Diamonds) Originally representing merchants, they are a type of suit in the deck of cards used to play online poker.
  25. (Diamonds) The small marks along the rails of a pool table.