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dials, plural;
  1. Call (a telephone number) by turning a disk with numbered holes or pressing a set of buttons
    • - he dialed room service
    • - company employees dial out from their office
  2. Gain access to a service using a telephone line
    • - plans to enable customers to dial up videos from their living room
  3. Indicate or regulate by means of a dial
    • - you're expected to dial in volume and tone settings
  1. A face of a clock, watch, or sundial that is marked to show units of time

  2. A similar face or flat plate with a scale and pointer for showing measurements of weight, volume, pressure, compass direction, etc

  3. A disk with numbered holes on a telephone, enabling someone to make a call by inserting a finger in each of the holes corresponding to the number to be called and turning the disk

  4. A plate or disk on a radio, stove, washing machine, or other piece of equipment that is tuned to select a wavelength or setting

  1. operate a dial to select a telephone number; "You must take the receiver off the hook before you dial"
  2. the face of a timepiece; graduated to show the hours
  3. the control on a radio or television set that is used for tuning
  4. the circular graduated indicator on various measuring instruments
  5. Dial is a progressive rock band based in the Netherlands.
  6. A dial is generally a flat surface, circular or rectangular, with numbers or similar markings on it, used for displaying the setting or output of a timepiece, radio, clock, watch, or measuring instrument. See also "dial indicator".
  7. The rotary dial is a device mounted on or in a telephone or switchboard that is designed to send interrupted electrical pulses, known as pulse dialing, corresponding to the number dialed. The early form of the rotary dial used lugs on a finger plate instead of holes. ...
  8. The Dial Corporation is a maker of personal care and household cleaning products based in Scottsdale, Arizona. ...
  9. The Dial was an American magazine published intermittently from 1840 to 1929. In its first form, from 1840 to 1844, it served as the chief publication of the Transcendentalists. In the 1880s it was revived as a political magazine. ...
  10. (Dialing) Dialling usually means to make a telephone call by operating its rotary dial.
  11. A graduated, circular scale over which a needle moves to show a measurement (such as speed); A clock face; A sundial; A panel on a radio etc showing wavelengths or channels; a knob that is turned to change the wavelength etc; A disk with finger holes on a telephone; used to select the number to ...
  12. ((Dialing)) the lines on dials which show the hours.
  13. (Dials) Coming from the land of Skypiea, dials in this manga are shell-like devices that vary in sizes and uses. Some are used to power everyday items such a lamps, stoves, or recording devices. ...
  14. The dial, often referred to as the face is usually marked with numbers or batons to which the hands point in order for the wearer to tell the correct time. Dials may be minimalist with no markers at all or extremely complex as in the case of pilots' chronographs. ...
  15. To Place A Call On A Switched Network. The term "dial" is obsolete - based on rotary dial phones and electromechanical relay switches (which are nearly non-existent in modern telephone systems.) Touch Tone service recognizes dual tones that are generated as each telephone key is pressed. ...
  16. The faces of an analogue watch which usually displays the hour indicators.
  17. The watch face (plate of metal or other material). Dials vary verymuch in shape, decoration, material, etc. The indications are given by means of numerals, divisions or symbols of various types.
  18. The answering service connects a TTY channel to an existing process if the dial command is issued instead of login. This facility is used to support transaction processing. The dial facility was designed by Tom Van Vleck, inspired by a similar facility in CP/67.
  19. 1.(noun. diyal) face, e.g. Do you want a smack in the dial = Would you like me to hit you in the general area of your face ?
  20. circular postmarking  die, used to impress a postmark on an envelope, generally containing the following information: city and state of mailing, as well as the date and time the postmark was applied.
  21. Disablement Information And Advice Lines
  22. To initiate a telephone call. In telecommunication, this action is performed to establish a connection between a terminal and a telecommunication device over a switched line.
  23. dial The 'face' of a clock or watch on which the time, calendar or astronomical information is registered. The term can refer to the whole face or to the individual discs or rings, such as the calendar dial, on which the periods of time are inscribed. Dials first appeared c. 1350. ...
  24. To initiate a connection via LAN, modem, or direct connection, regardless of whether actual dialing is involved.
  25. the face of a watch which shows the time; normally has at least two hands for the hours and minutes.