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Having many details or facts; showing attention to detail,
  1. Having many details or facts; showing attention to detail
    • - more detailed information was needed
  2. (of a work of art) Executed with many minor decorative features
    • - an exquisitely detailed carving

  1. developed or executed with care and in minute detail; "a detailed plan"; "the elaborate register of the inhabitants prevented tax evasion"- John Buchan; "the carefully elaborated theme"
  2. (detail) an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole; "several of the details are similar"; "a point of information"
  3. (detail) provide details for
  4. (detail) assign to a specific task; "The ambulances were detailed to the fire station"
  5. (detail) extended treatment of particulars; "the essay contained too much detail"
  6. (detail) a crew of workers selected for a particular task; "a detail was sent to remove the fallen trees"
  7. (The Detail) "The Detail" is the second episode of the first season of the HBO original series, The Wire. The episode was written by David Simon from a story by David Simon & Ed Burns and was directed by Clark Johnson. It originally aired on June 9, 2002.
  8. Characterized by attention to detail and thoroughness of treatment
  9. (detailedly) In a detailed manner; with attention to detail
  10. (detail) Something small enough to escape casual notice; A profusion of details; Something considered trivial enough to ignore; A person's name, address and other personal information; A temporary unit or assignment; to explain in detail; (US (? ...
  11. (Detail) Similar to imagery, detail is a literal depiction of an action, object, or phenomenon intended to paint a picture in the readers’ minds and appeal to their senses.  Detail is not figurative language; it is literal.
  12. (Detail) To provide specific instruction with a drawing, dimensions, notes, or specifications.
  13. (DETAIL) A temporary assignment of an employee to a different position for a specified period, with the employee returning to his or her regular duties at the end of the detail.
  14. (Detail) A small part of an artwork.
  15. (44. DETAIL) Usually applies to a used car where it is cleaned up and made to look as new as possible.
  16. (DETAIL) A detailed drawing that shows a particular element of a building project to allow it to be better described and understood.
  17. (DETAIL) an assignment, to be assigned a DUTY. Also, a temporary or special duty, such as CQ, KP, POLICE CALL, guard mount, as a provisional detachment; see DET, TDY, FIRING SQUAD, CORPORAL'S GUARD, AD HOC. ...
  18. (Detail (Construction term)) The way an item or part of a structure has been designed and constructed.
  19. (Detail) A graphic representation of a part, usually at a larger scale than the design to which it belongs.
  20. (Detail) A part of a building drawn to a large scale in order to illustrate its construction.
  21. (Detail) A specific piece of a literary work that makes up or adds to a larger picture or story.
  22. (Detail) A subjective term used to characterize a speaker's ability to reproduce and separate small variations in input. Usually used to describe a tweeter's ability to play intricate overtones and nuances.
  23. (Detail) Adjusts how much high-frequency information is sharpened in the image and how much the sharpening process emphasizes edges. Lower settings primarily sharpen edges to remove blurring. Higher values are useful for making the textures in the image more pronounced.
  24. (Detail) Buildings, structures, boundaries, physical ground features (natural or artificial), etc. whose extent shape and/or planimetric positions can be defined on the map to scale or by symbols.
  25. (Detail) Extra facts that help the story line but are not necessarily needed.