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designers, plural;
  1. A person who plans the form, look, or workings of something before its being made or built, typically by drawing it in detail
    • - he's one of the world's leading car designers
  2. Made by or having the expensive sophistication of a famous and prestigious fashion designer
    • - a designer label
  3. Upscale and fashionable
    • - designer food

  1. interior designer: a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings
  2. architect: someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)
  3. graphic designer: someone who specializes in graphic design
  4. a person who devises plots or intrigues; "he is believed to be the principal designer of the terrorist bombing attack"
  5. couturier: someone who designs clothing
  6. (designing) concealing crafty designs for advancing your own interest; "a selfish and designing nation obsessed with the dark schemes of European intrigue"- W.Churchill; "a scheming wife"; "a scheming gold digger"
  7. A designer is person who designs. More formally, a designer is an agent that "specifies the structural properties of a design object" . In practice, anyone who creates tangible or intangible objects, such as consumer products, processes, laws, games and graphics, is referred to as a designer.
  8. (Designs) No generally-accepted definition of “design” exists , and the term has different connotations in different fields (see design disciplines below). ...
  9. (DESIGNERS) Architects, engineers, and other professionals responsible for making technical recommendations about a facility‘s configuration, materials, mechanical systems, and other characteristics that determine future performance and cost.
  10. (Designers) Neha Godara Khushboo Gupta Bhumica Upadhyay
  11. (Designers) The people who create the sets, costumes, make-up, wigs and lighting for the opera performance.
  12. (Designers) need to know how to talk with e-book technical specialists about newer formats just as they have known how to talk with traditional printers about print publications. However, a book designer should not need to become the technician.
  13. (designers) (di-ZINE-urz): the people who take a story and turn it into a video game
  14. (designers) are people with a desire to create. They combine practical knowledge with artistic ability to turn abstract ideas into formal designs for the clothes that we wear, the living and office space that we inhabit, and the merchandise that we buy. ...
  15. (Designing) Achieving forms, details, and motifs by visiting museums, looking around art galleries, making drawings and keeping a sketch book. We draw much of our inspiration from traditional works.
  16. (Designing) Assessment of “good practice” examples and adaptation of existing technologies to local needs and habits.
  17. (Designing) the process of relating the elements whether they are similar or contrasting and visually arranging an interesting unity with them using the design principles.
  18. (designing) How a student will structure an experiment in order to find an answer to his/her question.
  19. (Designs) All art work and designs are the property of Garden Studio Crafts. Designs can not be reproduced without prior written consent.
  20. (Designs) The diagrams, pictures and information found in our lists and offers and also in our proposal drawings, giving sizes, weights or any other kind of information, shall be regarded as non-binding and subject to confirmation. ...
  21. (Designs) dots, bubbles, stars, checkers placed in the “fill in” of the letters. Can be anything the writer wants inside of their letters.
  22. Unlike architects, designers are limited to drawing blueprints.
  23. The individual responsible for creating a particular motif used on a numismatic series.
  24. One who designs houses, interiors, landscaping or other objects. When used it the context of residential construction it usually suggests that a designer is not a licensed architect. Most jurisdictions don't require an architectural license for most single family construction.
  25. Theater professional whose job it is to envision any of the following elements in a play: costumes, sets, lights, sound or properties.