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depots, plural;
  1. A place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or some other commodity
    • - an arms depot
  2. A railroad or bus station

  3. A place where buses, trains, or other vehicles are housed and maintained and from which they are dispatched for service

  4. The headquarters of a regiment; a place where recruits or other troops are assembled

  1. terminal: station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
  2. storehouse: a depository for goods; "storehouses were built close to the docks"
  3. DEPOT is an acronym for Distributed Ensemble of Pages that is Outage Tolerant. It is an open source project, developed at IIT Bombay.
  4. The Depot is a 1200 capacity, 4 story venue located in downtown Salt Lake City just North of the historic Union Pacific Train Station. It is a private club for members and is a non-smoking venue. ...
  5. Rare spelling of depot
  6. a warehouse or similar storage facility; a bus or railway station; a place where military recruits are assembled before being sent to active units
  7. (Depots) Union Station--S. Ionia St.; Grand Trunk--Michigan Ave.; Lake Shore &Michigan Southern--W. Fulton St.; West Bridge St. and Fuller.
  8. (Depotting) This is the act of removing the eyeshadow pan/palette from the black container that it came in. There are several methods on doing this, the most common requires a lighter/candle and knife. ...
  9. The place designated by the carrier where empty containers are kept in stock and received from or delivered to the container operators or merchants.
  10. a facility where generators can drop off materials for reuse or recycling. Depots can range from single containers that are serviced on a regular basis, to fully-staffed facilities.
  11. Facility at which freight can be loaded and unloaded. The term station is more often used when referring to the transportation of people. A depot can also be used for the maintenance/service or storage of vehicles.
  12. A location in the master repository of files stored by the Perforce server.
  13. A depot is the base for the campervan companies. Typically each company has a number of depots around the country, and these are where you pick up and drop off your campervan from.
  14. The main headquarters for a logging operation.
  15. a station, terminal, or way-station; see REPL' DEPOT, ANNEX, COMFORT STATION. Also, a depository or repository; see DUMP, NSD, DRMO, PRE-POS, GODOWN, ELEPHANT HUT, UTILITY BUILDING, MULTIPLE UTILITY BUILDING, STEELDROME, LOG, QM.
  16. Former name of “The Brickhouse,” the one decent bar in town.
  17. A station or stopping place (e.g., for trains, buses, ships)
  18. 1. The personal storage of a pilot, found at their faction's storage depot station, as in "I've got a spare Gator in my depot". 2. The nearest storage depot station.
  19. deposited or injected medication (fluphenazine decanoate, Haldol decanoate, and Risperdal Consta).
  20. A place where buses, trains or other vehicles are housed and maintained; or a building used for storage.
  21. A storage installation for military equipment and supplies, or a station for assembling military recruits and forwarding them to active units.
  22. (1) A storehouse, warehouse, or transfer station. (2) A railroad or bus station for ticketing, sheltering, transferring, and shipping passengers and freight.
  23. Depot Level (D-Level) maintenance requires skills and abilities beyond the organizational level and is currently performed by SPAWARSYSCEN-Charleston, the GCCS-M ISEA. The ISEA performs installations and de-installations of all GCCS-M configurations. ...
  24. A type of drug preparation and administration that involves the slow, gradual release from an area of the body where the drug has been injected.
  25. 1. Bus or train station. 2. Storage place for goods or motor vehicles.