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deposits, plural;
  1. Put or set down (something or someone) in a specific place, typically unceremoniously
    • - he deposited a pile of schoolbooks on the kitchen table
  2. (of water, the wind, or other natural agency) Lay down (matter) gradually as a layer or covering
    • - beds where salt is deposited by the tide
  3. Lay (an egg)
    • - the female deposits a line of eggs
  4. Store or entrust with someone for safekeeping

  5. Pay (a sum of money) into a bank account
    • - the money is deposited with a bank
  6. Pay (a sum) as a first installment or as a pledge for a contract
    • - I had to deposit 10% of the price of the house
  1. A sum of money placed or kept in a bank account, usually to gain interest

  2. An act of placing money in a bank account
    • - I'd like to make a deposit
  3. A sum payable as a first installment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later
    • - we've saved enough for a deposit on a house
  4. A returnable sum payable on the rental of something, to cover any possible loss or damage

  5. A layer or body of accumulated matter
    • - the deposits of salt on the chrome
  6. A natural layer of sand, rock, coal, or other material

  1. the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating
  2. lodge: put, fix, force, or implant; "lodge a bullet in the table"; "stick your thumb in the crack"
  3. put into a bank account; "She deposits her paycheck every month"
  4. sediment: matter that has been deposited by some natural process
  5. deposition: the natural process of laying down a deposit of something
  6. situate: put (something somewhere) firmly; "She posited her hand on his shoulder"; "deposit the suitcase on the bench"; "fix your eyes on this spot"
  7. Deposition is the geological process by which material is added to a landform or land mass. Fluids such as wind and water, as well as sediment gravity flows, transport previously eroded sediment, which, at the loss of enough kinetic energy in the fluid, is deposited, building up layers of sediment.
  8. Deposit, New York may refer to: *Deposit (town), New York, in Delaware County *Deposit (village), New York, located partly within the town to the north and partly in Broome County
  9. A deposit is a sum of money that a candidate must pay in return for the right to stand in a British Parliamentary and some other elections. ...
  10. Sediment or rock that is not native to its present location or is different from the surrounding material. ...
  11. (Depositing) A term which refers to the automatic way of either filling moulds with chocolate or centers, or of forming centers prior to enrobing.  A wide range of depositors are available, each being suitable for a different range of applications.
  12. (DEPOSITS) We will give only provisional credit until collection is final for any items, other than cash, we accept for deposit (including items drawn on us).  Actual credit for deposits of, or payable in, foreign currency will be at the exchange rate in effect on final collection in U.S. ...
  13. (Deposits) oil-insoluble materials that result from oxidation and decomposition of lube oil and contamination from external sources and engine blow-by. These can settle out on machine or engine parts. Examples are sludge, varnish, lacquer and carbon. ...
  14. (Deposits) Orders with a request date of 30 days or more will require a deposit of 25% down. Deposits will be forfeited on cancelled orders and additional deposit will be required on any order delayed beyond period of original deposit. Deposit will be applied to final shipment of complete order.
  15. (Deposits) Bookings over RMB10000 or traveling more than 30 days out will be required to pay a deposit of 50% per room/night at the time of confirmation. Any such booking not deposited with us by the agreed time will be canceled with notification. ...
  16. (DEPOSITS) 30% to 50% of tour costs and can be paid through the bank or money transfer. All quoted prices and payments are in US dollars. All tour balances are prepaid on arrival in Siem Reap.
  17. (DEPOSITS) In some instances there will be a deposit taken in regard to your hire vehicle depending on which contractor is suppling the vehicle. ...
  18. (DEPOSITS) Orders of $100 or less require full payment. Orders greater than $100 require a 25% deposit.  An order without a deposit is considered void. All orders are COD unless proper credit has been established.  First order must be paid in full. Credit approval may take up to 8 weeks. A 1. ...
  19. (DEPOSITS) This usually refers to an area where gold or other metal has been found. There are two types of placer deposits; eluvial deposits, located near the originating lode; and alluvial deposits, found at considerable distances from the originating lode.
  20. (Deposits (2500 through 2503)) Amounts on deposit with the University that the University may be required to repay in the future. NOTE: Account Controls 2501-2503 may only be used with approval by the Financial Services Office.
  21. (Deposits) A deposit of $500 per group is required to secure your space to To and Fro Tours, LLC. Deposits will be refunded in the event the tour does not meet the minimum quorum necessary to make the trip possible. ...
  22. (Deposits) A minimum $2500 deposit is required to confirm your order.  The initial deposit can be made with a certified check, money order, credit card, company or personal check.
  23. (Deposits) All bookings must be paid in full if using the online booking, or secured with a deposit paid with a credit or debit card over the phone. Rooms are not secured until the deposit has been paid. ...
  24. (Deposits) Cars are usually supplied with a full tank of fuel and this is charged for at time of collection. This does vary however, and in some countries other arrangements may apply. In most cases, a major credit card will be required to cover fuel and any other extras. ...
  25. (Deposits) Deposit’s of 25% will be required on all items not in stock or to be made prior to procurement or to manufacture. Remainder to be paid at time of dispatch, or collection, by any of the payment methods above.