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defied, past participle; defies, 3rd person singular present; defying, present participle; defied, past tense;
  1. Openly resist or refuse to obey
    • - a woman who defies convention
  2. (of a thing) Make (an action or quality) almost impossible
    • - his actions defy belief
  3. Appear to be challenging (someone) to do or prove something
    • - he glowered at her, defying her to mock him
  4. Challenge to combat
    • - go now, defy him to the combat

  1. resist or confront with resistance; "The politician defied public opinion"; "The new material withstands even the greatest wear and tear"; "The bridge held"
  2. elude, especially in a baffling way; "This behavior defies explanation"
  3. challenge; "I dare you!"
  4. A challenge; To renounce or dissolve all bonds of affiance, faith, or obligation with; to reject, refuse, or renounce; this sense?) To provoke to combat or strife; to call out to combat; to challenge; to dare; to brave; to set at defiance; to treat with contempt
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