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No longer existing or functioning,
  1. No longer existing or functioning
    • - a now defunct technology that only people over a certain age remember

  1. no longer in force or use; inactive; "a defunct law"; "a defunct organization"
  2. having ceased to exist or live; "the will of a defunct aunt"; "a defunct Indian tribe"
  3. (defunctness) extinction: no longer in existence; "the extinction of a species"
  4. Defunct! is made up of two producers: Jack Stuart (Jaksaw) and Slade Templeton (Velox Music, The Chrono Logic with Dean Garcia)).
  5. To make defunct; Deceased, dead; No longer in use, inactive; No longer in business or service
  6. A corporation no longer operative; having ceased to exist.
  7. an organization which has been inactive and/or has not met the minimum two member requirement for two semesters or more.
  8. A description of a business, no longer operational, lacking resources and/or assets.
  9. Any advertised business, product, service, match company, design, style, method of classification, or technique which is no longer used, in existence, or popular. (i.e., Star Match Company, Bobtailing, Talls, Diamond Quality, etc.) Not to be confused with "old" as applies to matchcovers. ...
  10. All News Channel • America's Talking • CNNfn • CNN Pipeline •Satellite News Channel • CNNSI • CBC Newsworld International
  11. One which does not function any more.
  12. no longer existing or functioning
  13. Deceased, Dead, Depart, Finish