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Open resistance; bold disobedience,
  1. Open resistance; bold disobedience
    • - the demonstration was held in defiance of official warnings

  1. intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude
  2. a hostile challenge
  3. a defiant act
  4. (defiant) boldly resisting authority or an opposing force; "brought up to be aggressive and defiant"; "a defiant attitude"
  5. (defiantly) rebelliously: in a rebellious manner; "he rejected her words rebelliously"
  6. Defiance is a 1980 American film starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Art Carney, and Theresa Saldana.
  7. Defiance is a 2008 World War II era film written, produced, and directed by Edward Zwick, set during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi Germany. ...
  8. Defiance is Assemblage 23's third studio album, released through Metropolis Records and Accession Records in 2002. The album contains the song "Document," released as a single prior to the release of Defiance. Defiance received high appraisal from electronic music magazine ReGen .
  9. Defiance is a thrash metal band from Oakland, California. While virtually unknown to mainstream metal and rock circles, Defiance is known as one of the classic second-tier thrash bands to come from the Bay Area thrash metal scene. ...
  10. Defiance is a book, first published 1951 in Calcutta, by Savitri Devi. It is a memoir of her arrest, trial, and imprisonment on the charge of distributing National Socialist propaganda in Germany in 1949.
  11. Defiance is Deströyer 666's fourth full-length studio album.
  12. Defiance is the self-titled debut EP by the American anarcho street punk band Defiance, released on Consensus Reality Records on 1994.
  13. Defiance is the Second Album by female fronted industrial metal act, Lahannya.
  14. Defiance is a 2005 play by American playwright John Patrick Shanley. The play concerns a colonel who promotes a black officer solely based on race. ...
  15. Defiance are an anarcho street punk band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1993. Their discography includes five E.P.s, four full-lengths, and one album of out of print and rare songs. They have been sited as major influences on bands such as Anti-Flag and The Unseen.
  16. The steamboat Defiance operated in the early 1900s as part of the Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet. In later years this vessel was called Kingston.
  17. Defiant Comics was a comic book publishing imprint of Enlightened Entertainment Partners, LP. Defiant was established in 1993 by former Marvel Comics and Valiant Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter.
  18. (Defiant (aircraft)) The Rutan Model 40 Defiant is a four-seat, twin-engine aircraft with the engines in a push-pull configuration. It was designed by well-known aerospace engineer Burt Rutan for the Rutan Aircraft Factory.]
  19. The feeling, or spirit of being defiant
  20. (Defiant (Mirror)) The Defiant was the only ship to survive the Alliance attack of 2375. In that year, she conducted a series of raids on minor prisons. Between 2376 and 2378, she was assigned to guard Terok Nor. ...
  21. (Defiant) USS (Federation Starfleet)
  22. (Defiant) means a person that does not obey or do what he is told. What’s the word?
  23. (defiant) adj. Use this word to describe any speech by dictator. Content needn’t be noted.
  24. (defiant) to resist authority and rules
  25. The act of refusing to obey someone or some organization.