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deepest, superlative; deeper, comparative;
  1. Extending far down from the top or surface
    • - a deep gorge
    • - the lake was deep and cold
  2. Extending or situated far in or down from the outer edge or surface
    • - a deep alcove
    • - deep in the woods
  3. (after a measurement and in questions) Extending a specified distance from the top, surface, or outer edge
    • - the well was 200 feet deep
  4. As far up or down as a specified point
    • - standing waist-deep in the river
  5. In a specified number of ranks one behind another
    • - they were standing three-deep at the bar
  6. Taking in or giving out a lot of air
    • - she took a deep breath
  7. Far back in the outfield
    • - his first pitch was hit into deep left field
  8. Very intense or extreme
    • - she was in deep trouble
    • - a deep sleep
    • - a deep economic recession
  9. (of an emotion or feeling) Intensely felt
    • - deep disappointment
  10. Profound or penetrating in awareness or understanding
    • - a deep analysis
  11. Difficult to understand
    • - this is all getting too deep for me
  12. Fully absorbed or involved in (a state or activity)
    • - they were deep in their own thoughts
  13. (of a person) Unpredictable and secretive
    • - that Thomas is a deep one
  14. (of sound) Low in pitch and full in tone; not shrill
    • - a deep, resonant voice
  15. (of color) Dark and intense
    • - a deep pink
  1. The sea
    • - denizens of the deep
  2. A deep part of the sea
    • - the dark and menacing deeps
  3. A remote and mysterious region
    • - the deeps of her imagination
  1. Far down or in; deeply
    • - traveling deep into the countryside
    • - his passion runs deep
  2. (in sports) Distant from the start of a play or the forward line of one's team
    • - the defense played deep

  1. relatively deep or strong; affecting one deeply; "a deep breath"; "a deep sigh"; "deep concentration"; "deep emotion"; "a deep trance"; "in a deep sleep"
  2. deeply: to a great depth;far down; "dived deeply"; "dug deep"
  3. the central and most intense or profound part; "in the deep of night"; "in the deep of winter"
  4. marked by depth of thinking; "deep thoughts"; "a deep allegory"
  5. to an advanced time; "deep into the night"; "talked late into the evening"
  6. trench: a long steep-sided depression in the ocean floor
  7. Deep is the third album by the British solo artist Peter Murphy. It was released in 1990 along with his biggest single, "Cuts You Up".
  8. In finance, market depth is the size of an order needed to move the market a given amount. If the market is deep, a large order is needed to change the price. ...
  9. DEEP is a Japanese mixed martial arts promotion which specializes in the lighter weight classes. It is promoted by Shigeru Saeki who is also the former Public Relations Director of PRIDE Fighting Championships. ...
  10. Ten is the debut studio album by the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam, released on August 27, 1991 through Epic Records. ...
  11. DEEP aka Deep Cold, Deep Da 1, is a Punjabi-American Southern rap artist from Houston, Texas. Raised in Houston, DEEP attended the same high school as Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. ...
  12. "Deep" is a promotional single from Nine Inch Nails' for the '''' soundtrack. Because this is a promo only single, it has never been featured with its own official halo and the song "Deep" has never been released on any Nine Inch Nails album, or on any halo-numbered release, although it has its ...
  13. (meaning 1 above) part of a lake, sea, etc; (rare) The deep (meaning 2 above) part of a problem; : the sea, the ocean; A fielding position near the boundary; Having its bottom far down; Profound, having great meaning or import, but possibly obscure or not obvious; To a significant, not ...
  14. (Deeps) Deep powder conditions, requiring a powder cord or leash on your skis.
  15. Having layers of persistent flavor that gradually unfold with aeration.
  16. Describing a large amount of money, either in play or having been lost. How deep are you? (meaning "How much money do you have", in anticipation of making a very large bet). I won that large pot, but I'm in much deeper than that.
  17. On a low-numbered point (1), usually the one-point or two-point.
  18. Intensely full, with many nuances of flavor, all smoothly interlaced.
  19. Essentially the same as concentrated, expressing the fact that the wine is rich, full of extract, and mouth filling.
  20. Playing any shot which causes the ball to bounce very near to your opponents end of the table.
  21. Internal; intrinsic; inside the body or a particular bone or organ.
  22. A ball that will not bounce twice on the opponent's side of the table if given the chance.
  23. a shot that lands near the baseline, as opposed to near the net
  24. A box that is 9 5/8" deep and the frame is 9 1/4" deep. Sometimes called a Langstroth Deep.
  25. beneath or below the surface; used to describe relative depth or location of muscles or tissue.