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declares, 3rd person singular present; declared, past participle; declaring, present participle; declared, past tense;
  1. Say something in a solemn and emphatic manner
    • - he declared that he never revises his prose
    • - “I was under too much pressure,” he declared
  2. Formally announce the beginning of (a state or condition)
    • - Spain declared war on Britain in 1796
  3. Pronounce or assert (a person or thing) to be something specified
    • - the mansion was declared a fire hazard
  4. Openly align oneself for or against (a party or position) in a dispute
    • - Mr. Roosevelt had declared for “a new deal.”
  5. Announce oneself as a candidate for an election
    • - he declared last April
  6. Reveal one's intentions or identity

  7. Express feelings of love to someone
    • - she waited in vain for him to declare himself
  8. Acknowledge possession of (taxable income or dutiable goods)

  9. Announce that one holds (certain combinations of cards) in a card game

  1. state emphatically and authoritatively; "He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with"
  2. announce: announce publicly or officially; "The President declared war"
  3. state firmly; "He declared that he was innocent"
  4. authorize payments of; "declare dividends"
  5. designate (a trump suit or no-trump) with the final bid of a hand
  6. make a declaration (of dutiable goods) to a customs official; "Do you have anything to declare?"
  7. Declare (2001) is a supernatural spy novel by Tim Powers. It presents a secret history of the Cold War in which an agent for a secret British spy organization learns the true nature of several beings living on Mount Ararat. ...
  8. (Declaration (album)) Declaration is the tenth studio album from Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman. It was released in September 25, 2001 by Sparrow Records and it has been certified Gold.
  9. (Declaration (Bleeding Through album)) Declaration is the fifth album by American metalcore band Bleeding Through. The song's titles are named after different states and cities. ...
  10. (Declaration (computer science)) In programming languages, a declaration specifies the identifier, type, and other aspects of language elements such as variables and functions. ...
  11. (Declaration (cricket)) In the sport of cricket a declaration occurs when a captain declares his team's innings closed and a forfeiture is when a captain chooses to forfeit an innings. Declaration and forfeiture is covered in Law 14 of the Laws of cricket. ...
  12. (Declaration (From First to Last album)) From First to Last is the self-titled third album by From First to Last, released on May 6, 2008. "Worlds Away" is the album's first single, which hit the radio on March 17.
  13. To make clear, explain, interpret; To make a declaration; To announce one’s support, choice, opinion, etc; For the captain of the batting side to announce the innings complete even though all batsmen have not been dismissed; To announce something formally or officially; To affirm or state ...
  14. (declaration) A written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief; A list of items for various legal purposes, e.g. ...
  15. (declared) In the US, a horse withdrawn from a stakes race in advance of scratch time. In Europe, a horse confirmed to start a race.
  16. (Declaration) Document stating agreed upon standards but which is not legally binding. UN conferences, like the 1993 UN Conference on Human Rights in Vienna and the 1995 World Conference for Women in Beijing, usually produce two sets of declarations: one written by government representatives and ...
  17. (Declaration) When the batting side ends their innings before all of their players are out.
  18. (declaration) An assertion that states something exists and perhaps describes what it's like, without giving any commitment as to how or where you'll use it. A declaration is like the part of your recipe that says, "two cups flour, one large egg, four or five tadpoles... ...
  19. (declaration) in unlimited-over games, a decision by the captain of a batting side to stop batting and put the other side in to bat...usually done to allow enough time to win a game.
  20. (DECLARATION) The constitution of the condominium that effectively creates the condominium and sets out the responsibilities of the owners and the corporation. (Read our declaration)
  21. Declaration is the President s decision that a major disaster qualifies for federal assistance under the Stafford Act.
  22. (Declaration) A non-binding political statement made by ministers attending a major meeting (e.g. the Geneva Ministerial Declaration of COP-2).
  23. (Declaration) A statement made, not under oath, being offered as evidence.
  24. (declaration) A sworn, written statement that is used as evidence in court. The statement supports or establishes a fact. The person that makes the declaration certifies or declares under penalty of perjury that the statement is true and correct. ...
  25. (Declaration) Statement, signed by the insured, warranting that information given by him is true.