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Open to discussion or argument,
  1. Open to discussion or argument
    • - it is debatable whether the country is coming out of recession
  2. (of land) On the border between two countries and claimed by each

  1. open to doubt or debate; "If you ever get married, which seems to be extremely problematic"
  2. arguable: open to argument or debate; "that is a moot question"
  3. capable of being disproved
  4. Debate or discussion in parliamentary procedure refers to discussion on the merits of a pending question; that is, whether it should or not be agreed to. ...
  5. Controversial. Not fully proved, open to debate, sometimes used humorously; Of a person, argumentative; A fitting subject for debate
  6. (debatably) In a way subject to challenge or worthy of debate
  7. May be discussed. That which is open for discussion.