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dazed, past participle; dazes, 3rd person singular present; dazing, present participle; dazed, past tense;
  1. Make (someone) unable to think or react properly; stupefy; bewilder
    • - she was dazed by his revelations
    • - he staggered home dazed and confused

  1. in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock; "he had a dazed expression on his face"; "lay semiconscious, stunned (or stupefied) by the blow"; "was stupid from fatigue"
  2. stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)
  3. (dazedly) in a daze; in a dazed manner; "he wondered dazedly whether the term after next at his new school wouldn't matter so much"
  4. in a state of shock or confusion; stunned
  5. (dazedness) The state or quality of being dazed
  6. (adjective) -- confused; unsure of surroundings ch. 3
  7. 1 minute duration – You can only defend.