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cutbacks, plural;
  1. An act or instance of reducing something, typically expenditures
    • - cutbacks in defense spending

  1. a reduction in quantity or rate
  2. A cutback in football generally refers to a move a running back makes when a run play is designed to go one way but the back sees opportunity for gain elsewhere. ...
  3. Roller coasters are composed of various elements, the individual parts of the design and operation, such as a track, hill, loop, turn, etc. Variations in normal track movement that add thrill or excitement to the ride are often called "thrill elements."
  4. Surfing is a surface water sport.
  5. (Cutbacks (30 Rock)) "Cutbacks" is the of the third season of the American television comedy series 30 Rock, and the 53rd episode of the series overall. It was written by supervising producer Matt Hubbard and directed by Gail Mancuso. ...
  6. A reduction in an existing program of some sort; Maneuver where the surfer turns and surfs back towards where the wave is breaking; Solvent-thinned bitumen used in cold process roofing adhesives, cements and coatings; An offensive pass played into a position further from the attacking goal line
  7. In roofing, basic asphalt or tar which has been "cut back" with solvents and oils so that the material become fluid.
  8. A 180 degree turn that's done on either of the two rails of the surfboard. Turn back toward the curl or breaking part of a wave.
  9. A turn on the wave face where you cut back towards the curl of the wave.
  10. Type of inversion element which features two half-corkscrews, but they are in opposite directions so the train leaves the inversion heading the opposite way to the one it was travelling on entering.
  11. An angle shot in which the ball is moving in one lateral direction (left or right) before being shot, but is angled toward the goal in the opposite direction (right or left) upon being shot, often resulting in the defense to continue moving past the actual trajectory of the ball. ...
  12. This element consists of a single inversion starting like a corkscrew but after the apex of the turn the track cuts left or right instead of continuing forward. The effect is an abrupt direction change of about 180 degrees.
  13. a surfing manoeuvre; turning your back to the power source of the wave
  14. Designed by Arrow Dynamics this element includes a single inversion and a 180-degree turnaround.
  15. The flat between the radius face and the shoulders of a wiper die, the purpose of which is to clear the captive lip and face of the bend die.  See wiper.
  16. Edge preparation (hook strip) that is shorter than the screen cloth to allow a lap-joint of the screen cloth panel in conjunction with a butt-joint of the edge preparation, thus preventing leakage between screen panel sections.
  17. This refers to generating speed down the line, then turning up the face to reverse direction. It effectively slows the rider down to keep up with slower wave sections that appear after a fast section (a drop in, for example).
  18. As the name suggests, a manouvre where the surfer changes direction on the wave an cuts back to where the power is. The surfer usually changes direction again once in the ‘pocket’ an carries on.
  19. This is when a rider cuts back the way he or she has come from. It repositions the surfer so that he or she is back to the middle of the wave. This is an important part of surfing, because if a surfer does not cutback, she or he will fall out of position.
  20. This is when, usually a running back or a player who has the ball, makes a change in direction when they are running and so they "cut" across the field.
  21. A turn where you reverse your direction completely, right to left or left to right.
  22. Switching directions from surfing away from the curl, back towards the curl.
  23. Running is not about going all out, all the time.  A runner improves during rest periods.  This sounds backwards, but it is true.  Running hard all the time creates too much stress and the body breaks down. ...
  24. return to a previous scene following a reaction shot or other cutaway
  25. Surfing maneuver, turn, performed to bring the surfer who has gotten ahead of the breaking portion of the wave back to the breaking or critical part of the wave.