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cushions, plural;
  1. Soften the effect of an impact on
    • - the bag cushions equipment from inevitable knocks
  2. Mitigate the adverse effects of
    • - he called for federal assistance to cushion the blow for farmers
  1. A pillow or pad stuffed with a mass of soft material, used as a comfortable support for sitting or leaning on

  2. Something providing support or protection against impact
    • - the pad forms a cushion between carpet and floor
    • - a poll showed the candidate with a 14-point cushion
  3. The elastic lining of the sides of a billiard table, from which the ball rebounds

  4. The layer of air supporting a hovercraft or similar vehicle

  1. protect from impact; "cushion the blow"
  2. shock absorber: a mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses; "the old car needed a new set of shocks"
  3. the layer of air that supports a hovercraft or similar vehicle
  4. a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc.
  5. (cushioned) softened by the addition of cushions or padding
  6. A cushion (from Old French coisson, coussin; from Latin culcita, a quilt) is a soft bag of some ornamental material, stuffed with wool, hair, feathers, polyester staple fiber, non-woven material, or even paper torn into fragments. ...
  7. A soft mass of material stuffed into a cloth bag, used for comfort or support; for sitting on, kneeling on, resting one's head on etc; Something acting as a cushion, especially to absorb a shock or impact; The lip around a table in cue sports which absorbs some of the impact of the billiard ...
  8. (Cushioned) This describes stone towards the edging of a tile. Cushioned edges gently slope downwards before meeting the sawn edge. The overall effect is slight rounding and softening of the edge. Often this is referred to also as a pillowed edge.
  9. (cushioned) Any construction with a terry pile surface on one side and a ribbed or plain knit surface on the other. In most cushioned athletic socks, the terry forms the inside of the foot portion of the sock. ...
  10. (CUSHIONS) This is a type of pressure wave that tends to deflect boats and swimmers from the rocks that generated it.
  11. (CUSHIONS) Passenger cars. Cushion rider may be either a passenger or member of passenger-train crew. (See varnished cars)
  12. (Cushions) If you have chosen the wrong colour or size of cushion or you have just simply changed your mind. It can be returned for an exchange or a credit note, which is valid for 3 months from when it was issued. ...
  13. Any kind of material placed under carpet to provide softness and adequate support when it is walked upon. Carpet cushion provides a softer feel underfoot and provides added acoustical and insulation benefits and longer wear life for the carpet. ...
  14. A resilient pad placed between adjoining stone units and other materials to absorb or counteract severe stresses.
  15. The top layer of the racing surface.
  16. A device which provides controlled resistance to motion.
  17. Capital cut from a block by rounding off the lower corners.
  18. Portion of the assets of a guaranteed or protected fund that can be exposed to risk without jeopardising the guarantee or protection feature. For example, if a fund worth €100 needs €80 to honour the guarantee or protection, it can expose €20 ("the cushion") to risk in order to boost returns.
  19. In the context of project financing, the extra amount of net cash flow remaining after expected debt service.
  20. padded part of stamp between the die and handle.
  21. Bag filled with soft stuffing used to support the body.
  22. An amount of money, occasionally required by a lender, which is set aside to protect said lender against increases in expenses.
  23. Padding at rear of pit to absorb shock of ball and pins.
  24. This refers to a style of “signet” ring, so called because of its shape which is square with rounded corners.
  25. Extra material left in barrel during cycle to try and ensure that the part is packed out during the hold time.