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crutches, plural;
  1. Move by means of or as if by means of crutches
    • - I was crutching down a long corridor
  1. A long stick with a crosspiece at the top, used as a support under the armpit by a lame person

  2. A thing used for support or reassurance
    • - they use the Internet as a crutch for their loneliness

  1. a wooden or metal staff that fits under the armpit and reaches to the ground; used by disabled person while walking
  2. anything that serves as an expedient; "he uses drugs as a psychological crutch"
  3. Crutches are mobility aids used to counter a mobility impairment or an injury that limits walking ability.
  4. Aletheian are a progressive / melodic death metal Christian band that was formed in Lebanon, Pennsylvania in 1997 under the name "Crutch". They changed their name to "Aletheian" prior to the 2003 album Apolutrosis. ...
  5. Crutch is a 2004 autobiographical coming of age film written and directed by Rob Moretti.
  6. A device to assist in motion as a cane, especially one that provides support under the arm to reduce weight on a leg; Something that supports, often used negatively to indicate that it is not needed and causes an unhealthful dependency; a prop
  7. (Crutches) Nickname for the texas hold em hand 7-7.
  8. (Crutches) Metal Y shaped pins to hold oars whilst rowing.
  9. (Crutches) To dream that you go on crutches, denotes that you will depend largely on others for your support and advancement. To see others on crutches, denotes unsatisfactory results from labors.
  10. (crutches) béquilles / cannes anglaise
  11. Standard adjustable crutches are lightweight and easily adjust to size. Forearm crutches have contoured arm cuffs for extra comfort and stability.
  12. Support for the boom when the sails are furled.
  13. A term for the central point at which the two triangles formed by a swallow-tailed cut in the fly meet (see also ‘orthogonal’ and ‘swallow-tail(ed)’).
  14. A staff to support a lame or legless person.
  15. A knee or piece of knee-timber, placed inside of a vessel, to secure the heels of the cant-timbers abaft. Also, the chock upon which the spanker-boom rests when the sail is not set.
  16. Part attached to the pallets used to transmit power to the pendulum
  17. something that is used to hold a burned down joint,  often a folded matchbook. It is to stop the smokers' fingers from being burned.
  18. piece of cardboard/paper used to give joints/blunts airflow and to keep the end open.  (GnarGnarBinks)
  19. (cruch) n. A part your director puts in to help the band keep tempo. Usually when the battery is not playing. Often top bass or snare captain playing on the quarters. ALSO Cheater beats. proper noun -- The one playing the notes.
  20. An assembly of wood or aluminum that should be placed under the armpit and aids in avoiding putting weight on the leg.
  21. jargon for a bridge.