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crosswords, plural;
  1. A puzzle consisting of a grid of squares and blanks into which words crossing vertically and horizontally are written according to clues

  1. crossword puzzle: a puzzle in which words corresponding to numbered clues are to be found and written in to squares in the puzzle
  2. A crossword is a word puzzle that normally takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of white and shaded squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues which lead to the answers. ...
  3. This is a list of released and upcoming video games for the Wii video game console. The list is sorted by game title, their developer(s), publisher(s), release year and the Japanese, European, and North American region releases respectively. ...
  4. Crosswords DS (also known as CrossworDS) and as Nintendo presents: Crossword Collection in PAL regions is a puzzle video game by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld video game console. ...
  5. (Crosswords (game show)) Merv Griffin's Crosswords (commonly shortened to Crosswords) is an American game show based on crossword puzzles. The show was created by its namesake, Merv Griffin, who died shortly after beginning production on the series. ...
  6. A word puzzle in which interlocking words are entered usually horizontally and vertically into a grid based on clues given for each word
  7. (Crosswords) Our version of the ever popular crossword puzzle lets you choose your category or topic and your skill level to solve a wide variety of vocabulary clues.  There are even hints for when you find yourself truly stuck.  And for classroom use, there is a print option. ...
  8. (Crosswords) Students use items from the Vocabox to make a simple crossword, wordsnake or similar puzzle and write clues. Then they pass the puzzle on to different groups to solve.
  9. (Crosswords) There are twenty crosswords available. The clues are English words and the answers are Spanish words.
  10. Doing crosswords is the best way to increase your vocabulary in no time
  11. create challenging crossword puzzles with across and down clues from any word list. Add hints and word bank as additional solution aids. Same functionality as Crossword Factory 3.