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creamier, comparative; creamiest, superlative;
  1. Resembling cream in consistency or color
    • - beat the sugar and egg yolks together until thick and creamy
    • - creamy white flowers
  2. Containing a lot of cream
    • - a thick, creamy dressing

  1. of the color of cream; "creamy translucent pebbles"
  2. thick like cream
  3. Creamy were a Danish teen-pop duo, composed of Rebekka Mathew and Rannva Joensen.
  4. Containing cream; Of food or drink, having the rich taste or thick, smooth texture of cream, whether or not it actually contains cream; Of any liquid, having the thick texture of cream; Having the colour of cream
  5. Moderately high level of oily material suspended in the coffee beverage. The result of pronounced amounts of fats present in the beans.
  6. A textural description used to describe a mouth feel, most often in discussing bubbly wines.
  7. Used to describe both the taste and sometimes the texture of certain cheeses.
  8. Refers to "silk-like" taste of some wines. Almost a synonym for "buttery". Opposite of "crisp".
  9. Possessing the mouthfeel of, say, half & half.
  10. A wine that has the rich smooth consistency of cream. Mainly use when describing red wines.
  11. The "mouth feel" of beer that is infused with bubbles of natural carbonation.
  12. A rich, smooth texture, often a quality of fine chardonnay or champagne.
  13. Texture and taste found in some white wines.
  14. Usually associated with the neck pickup and lots of mids and lows.  “Creamy and Warm“ go hand and hand….  Thick, saturated smoothed out sound….
  15. Precipitate, bright, dull, or muddy, that emerges upon a tea cooling,
  16. This is a descriptor of the feel of the wine in your mouth, the mouthfeel. A creamy wine literally feels creamy in your mouth, having a richness similar to heavy cream. This is common in rich wines with low acid such as is common with California Chardonnays. ...
  17. A Goya Rangemaster-style guitar (build by St.George). Modified with a Seymour Duncan pickup in the bridge position. A toggle switch was also added that is dead in the middle position, resulting in a "hummingbird chirp" when toggled. ...
  18. An adjective that can describe a cheese’s texture.  flavor,  and/or color.  Cheeses with a creamy consistency are soft, smooth, and sometimes oozingly runny—prime examples include ripe brim. When used to describe flavor, creamy suggests a rich. ...
  19. Offensive term for a person of part-Aboriginal descent, especially one of mainly non-Aboriginal ancestry.
  20. A wine that feels a little heavier in the mouth. Try a Chardonnay (creamy) after a Sauvignon Blanc (Crisp). This happens through malolactic fermentation. When Malic (green apple) acid is changed to Lactic acid (milk).
  21. Wines that have undergone Malolactic Fermentation can have a rich, smooth feel that is referred to as "creamy".
  22. Velvety buttery aroma and texture.
  23. A term used to describe the perception of a warm, creamy mouthfeel. In sparkling wines, the sense of creaminess arises from a combination of the finesse of the mousse and the results of malolactic fermentation. ...