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courtyards, plural;
  1. An unroofed area that is completely or mostly enclosed by the walls of a large building

  1. court: an area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings; "the house was built around an inner court"
  2. A court or courtyard is an enclosed area, often a space enclosed by a building that is open to the sky. These areas in inns and public buildings were often the primary meeting places for some purposes, leading to the other meanings of court.
  3. Deuces is a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards. It is so called because each foundation starts with a deuce or two card. It also belongs to a family of card games which includes Busy Aces.
  4. 528'-8" x 528'-4" (Area: 278,784 ft^2), divided into two levels: the upper and the lower. In the latter, funeral prayers can also be offered.
  5. Judgmental; Cobbled stone: Past life influences
  6. Walled garden connecting main house to other outbuildings in the Creole Townhouse complex.
  7. “The Courtyard” is our name for the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings, where we host worship services with a coffee house/acoustic style. The sermon is simulcast from the main sanctuary.
  8. the area between a pitstructure, or kiva, and its associated pitrooms or roomblock. This area was likely often used for many daily domestic activities.
  9. A public or private open space that is defined by building frontage on at least three sides.
  10. a common area between apartment buildings generally with grassy areas with trees & shrubs.
  11. An open space or enclosure next to a building or buildings.
  12. The open area with the curtain walls of a castle.
  13. The interior outdoor space within a building complex.
  14. The Courtyards of a temple are generally pleasant places where both Sacred and Secular activities take place, from praying to a deity to chatting with a friend.  At festival time, courtyards take on added significance, because the halls cannot possibly contain all the devotees. ...
  15. For some reason, many people have buildings with courtyards or atriums in their dreams. This may just be so much scenery, as we tend to like such things architecturally. Often times, these dreams reflect a desire to return to a more renewing or living place.
  16. An area opens to sky but within the boundary of a plot, which is enclosed or partially enclosed by buildings boundary walls or railings. It may be ground level or any other floor.
  17. A mini playground exclusively for our Reception class. There are road markings and big toys such as ride on cars to play with.
  18. Food outlet in Glyntaff.