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coupons, plural;
  1. A voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product

  2. A detachable portion of a bond that is given up in return for a payment of interest

  3. A form in a newspaper or magazine that may be filled in and sent as an application for a purchase or information

  1. a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed
  2. a test sample of some substance
  3. In marketing a coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. Customarily, coupons are issued by manufacturers of consumer packaged goods or by retailers, to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions. ...
  4. The coupon or coupon rate of a bond is the amount of interest paid per year expressed as a percentage of the face value of the bond. It is the interest rate that a bond issuer will pay to a bondholder.
  5. Coupon may refer to the following: * Coupon, a document exchanged in a retail context to provide a discount on goods or services. * In finance, with respect to bonds, a coupon rate is the interest rate that the issuer pays to the bond holders. ...
  6. A certificate of interest due, printed at the bottom of transferable bonds (state, railroad, etc.), given for a term of years, designed to be cut off and presented for payment when the interest is due; an interest warrant; Any interest payment made or due on a bond, debenture or similar (no ...
  7. (Coupons) Certificates attached to a bond that can be redeemed for interest payments at regular intervals.
  8. (14.) Coupons) Discounts and coupon codes are reserved for first-time accounts *or first-time customers* only and may not be used towards the purchase of a domain registration unless otherwise specified. ...
  9. (Coupons) Redeemable for nearly everything from a free meal to a free pull on a slot machine. (Ask the hotel whether it has a coupon book.)
  10. (Coupons) An interest payment that occurs one, two or four times a year.
  11. (Coupons) A promotional device used by marketers to increase sales or store traffic by offering a discount when the coupon is redeemed.
  12. (Coupons) Except by special arrangement with the Merchant, only one Shopping Cart Coupon may be used per order.
  13. (Coupons) HummingBird frequently makes promotional offers via coupons. Please be sure to check the terms and conditions on the coupon for applicability. For more information, call 800-750-5114. Coupons may not be valid on black-out dates.
  14. (Coupons) Specimens of materials exposed to tests or real environments to assess the effect of degradation on the material.
  15. (Coupons) We design special coupons such as scratch cards, gift hampers, cash refund offers and so on.
  16. (Coupons) legal certificates offered by manufacturers or retailers that entitle the bearer to a discount on an item at the time of purchase; includes rebates.
  17. (coupons) Slip of paper marked or torn out of a ration book.
  18. Links/coupons to get discounts on dry eye products.
  19. A fixed dollar amount of interest payable per annum, stated as a percentage of principal value, usually payable in semiannual installments.
  20. The interest rate specified on a bond when it is originally issued.
  21. The feature on a bond that defines the amount of annual interest income.
  22. Reply form within the design of a printed ad. May also refer to a reply card in a direct mail package.
  23. Paper that evidences an issuer's promise to pay interest when due. A coupon is usually attached to the debt security. When the due date arrives, the coupon is detached and submitted for payment.
  24. the coupon on U.S. Government securities expressed as an annual percentage of face value, is the interest rate the U.S. Government promises to pay to the holder on an ongoing basis until maturity.
  25. The periodic interest payment made to the bondholders during the life of the bond.