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counsels, plural;
  1. Give advice to (someone)
    • - he was counseled by his supporters to return to Germany
  2. Give professional psychological help and advice to (someone)
    • - he was being counseled for depression
  3. Recommend (a course of action)
    • - the athlete's coach counseled caution
  1. Advice, esp. that given formally

  2. Consultation, esp. to seek or give advice

  3. The lawyer or lawyers conducting a case
    • - the counsel for the defense

  1. advocate: a lawyer who pleads cases in court
  2. rede: give advice to; "The teacher counsels troubled students"; "The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud"
  3. guidance: something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  4. A counsel or a counselor gives advice, more particularly in legal matters.
  5. Counsel is the monthly Journal of the Bar of England and Wales. As the Bar Council's own magazine, it is largely written by and for barristers but it is of interest to all lawyers.
  6. The exchange of opinions and advice; consultation; Advice or guidance so given; A lawyer, as in Queen's Counsel (QC); To give advice, especially professional advice; To recommend
  7. Legal advice; a term used to refer to lawyers in a case.
  8. In Scotland a member of the Faculty of Advocates practising at the Bar.
  9. The word eytsah, meaning counsel, is the feminine form of the masculine word eyts ^[str:6086] meaning a tree. Counsel is the giving of advice, encouragement or guidance. Within the family or the community this would be an elder, one filled with years of wisdom and experience. ...
  10. A person admitted to the bar of a court and who is thereby licensed to practice law before that court or who is not a member of the bar but is permitted by the court to represent a party in a case.  A counsel may be licensed to practice law in more than one court. ...
  11. to advise or persuade a person; another term for lawyer as in “legal counsel”;
  12. means lay or legal counsel secured by a Respondent to serve as an advisor to the Respondent in Misconduct Proceedings against the Respondent.
  13. A lawyer who is representing a person in a court.
  14. is advice: I always go to Clyde for counsel on the tough decision in my life.
  15. A lawyer who appears in court on behalf of clients. In the higher courts counsel are usually barristers, but in the lower courts eg: Magistrates Court, solicitors often appear as counsel
  16. A lawyer who represents one of the parties in court. The Family Court may also appoint a lawyer for the child (previously called "counsel for the child") and counsel to assist the court.
  17. A barrister acting for the defence or the prosecution.
  18. An advisor, often a legal or financial advisor. A counsel does not usually perform the actions that are advised himself or herself, which are instead performed by the person or organization that the advisor serves. See also fundraising counsel.
  19. A lawyer appointed or engaged to advise or represent a client in legal matters.
  20. A lawyer, a barrister and solicitor. Also, the advice given by a lawyer to his or her client.
  21. a person who represents someone else in court, normally referred to as a lawyer anywhere in North America. Related terms include barrister, solicitor, adviser, counsellor, paralegal, and attorney.
  22. as used in this module, to teach or advise a mother as part of a discussion which includes: asking questions, listening to the mother’s answers, praising and/or giving relevant advice, helping to solve problems, and checking understanding
  23. A Barrister or solicitor in legal proceedings.
  24. 1. a barrister, or barristers (collectively). 2. in criminal law, to advise concerning the commission of a crime.