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cooperated, past tense; cooperates, 3rd person singular present; co-operated, past tense; co-operated, past participle; co-operates, 3rd person singular present; cooperated, past participle; cooperating, present participle; co-operating, present participle;
  1. Act jointly; work toward the same end
    • - the leaders promised to cooperate in ending the civil war
  2. Assist someone or comply with their requests
    • - I was the villain for not cooperating with the FBI

  1. collaborate: work together on a common enterprise of project; "The soprano and the pianist did not get together very well"; "We joined forces with another research group"
  2. (cooperation) joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
  3. (Coopération) Coop is a Swiss cooperative which operates the second largest supermarket chain in Switzerland after Migros. In 2001, Coop merged with 11 cooperative federations which had been its main suppliers for over 100 years.
  4. Alternative spelling of cooperate
  5. To work or act together, especially for a common purpose or benefit; To allow for mutual unobstructed action; To function in harmony, side by side; To engage in economic cooperation
  6. (cooperates) with a complementary connector formation at the …
  7. (Cooperation) animals working together toward a common end or purpose.
  8. (Co-operation) Co-operative teams are ones where members are actually working with each other in a supportive capacity. This must be built on a sound foundation of coexistence otherwise the co-operation will be transient. People know whom to turn to for advice. ...
  9. (Co-operation) In order to quickly identify and resolve any conflicts that may arise in connection with planning, the involved authorities of the federal government, the cantons and neighbouring states, as well as involved organisations and public and private entities (insofar as they are ...
  10. (Co-operation) Working together to identify and implement action, based on mutual respect of diverse cultures and contributions
  11. (Cooperation) Acting together to facilitate survival or other shared goals. [7]
  12. (Cooperation) Customer acknowledges that the timely provision of assistance, access, cooperation, and complete and accurate information from Customers officers, agents and employees may be essential to the satisfactory and timely performance of the Professional Services purchased. ...
  13. (Cooperation) Everyone should work for the common good of the school and the squad. Everyone should boost everyone else; a disorganizer has no place on the squad.
  14. (Cooperation) Identifies the Cooperative Program of missions as integral to the Southern Baptist Convention.^[36]
  15. (Cooperation) It is crucial your business implement the strategies and recommendations made in a timely and precise manner.
  16. (Cooperation) The actual, physical sensation of feeling the linkage of body, mind, emotions, and spirit in holistic union, sometimes referred to as "being in the Zone," or in a state of "flow."
  17. (Cooperation) The parties involved in carrying out the transportation planning and programming processes work together to achieve a common goal or objective.
  18. (Cooperation) The willing association and interaction of a group of people to accomplish a goal
  19. (Cooperation) This is only present when a government forces the populace to submit to our higher leftist political agenda. ...
  20. (Cooperation) a process where parties with similar interests plan together, negotiate mutual roles and share resources to achieve joint goals but maintain separate identities (Taylor-Powell et al., 1998).
  21. (Cooperation) between at least two partners or educational institutions that have hitherto operated more or less side by side, but mostly for a limited period and without involving other organisations or institutionalisation. ...
  22. (Cooperation) by the disclosing entity is required.
  23. (cooperation) collaboration, participation, alliance, assistance, team-work, concurrence
  24. (cooperation) “Willing and doing are bound together. The salvation of the soul requires the blending of human and divine strength. God does not propose to do the work that man can do to meet the standard of righteousness. Man has a part to act. Humanity must unite and cooperate with divinity. ...
  25. Cooperation is working together and sharing the load. When we cooperate, we join with others to do things that cannot be done alone. We are willing to follow the rules which keep everyone safe and happy. Together we can accomplish great things.