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controllers, plural;
  1. A person or thing that directs or regulates something
    • - the power controller on a subway train
  2. A person in charge of an organization's finances

  1. accountant: someone who maintains and audits business accounts
  2. restrainer: a person who directs and restrains
  3. control: a mechanism that controls the operation of a machine; "the speed controller on his turntable was not working properly"; "I turned the controls over to her"
  4. (controllership) the position of controller
  5. A comptroller is a person who supervises the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organization.
  6. Controller is the third studio album released by Misery Signals and was released July 22, 2008. The album was recorded by producer Devin Townsend who produced Misery Signals' debut record Of Malice, and the Magnum Heart.
  7. Controller, in comics, may refer to: *Controller (Marvel Comics), a supervillain in Marvel Comics *Controllers (DC Comics), an alien race in DC Comics
  8. The term controller, when used in computing and especially in computer hardware, signifies a chip or extension card that interfaces with a peripheral device. ...
  9. In control theory, a controller is a device which monitors and affects the operational conditions of a given dynamical system. The operational conditions are typically referred to as output variables of the system which can be affected by adjusting certain input variables. ...
  10. The Controllers are a fictional extraterrestrial race existing in the DC Universe. They first appear in Adventure Comics #357 (June 1967), and were created by Jim Shooter, Mort Weisinger, and Curt Swan.
  11. a person who controls something; a person who audits, and manages the financial affairs of a company or government; a comptroller; a mechanism that controls or regulates the operation of a machine, especially a peripheral device in a computer
  12. (Controllers) Sort of like TV producers, controllers act as a reporter's liaison to the network they work. Controllers offer reporters information and technical support, and make sure they stay out of trouble and keep on assignment.
  13. One of the major units in a computer that interprets and carries out the instructions in a program.
  14. Generic term that typically refers to a combination preamp/surround processor or receiver. Can also refer to a handheld wireless remote.
  15. A device which manipulates one process variable (RPM, Heat, etc.) to result in a stable condition of a second (controlled) variable (pressure, temperature, etc).
  16. The unit consisting of switches and knobs used to control the speed and direction of a model train. The unit may also contain more sophisticated controls (eg. inertia). A transformer may also sometimes be found in the same box.
  17. A device which tells a CONTROL VALVE what to do. Controllers can be either pneumatic or electronic. There are pressure, temperature, ph, level, differential, and flow controllers. ...
  18. The controller starts up the machine at wind speeds of about 8 to 16 miles per hour (mph) and shuts off the machine at about 65 mph. Turbines cannot operate at wind speeds above about 65 mph because their generators could overheat.
  19. The part of a D-STAR repeater that handles and routes the voice and data streams either between modules or between modules and the gateway.
  20. A controller is a PHP function that houses all the logic necessary to return a Response object that represents a particular page. ...
  21. A person appointed by a secured creditor to deal with assets subject to a charge. Includes a receiver, and receiver and manager.
  22. A device that controls the operation of part or all of a system. It may simply turn a device on and off, or it may more subtly modulate burners, compressors, pumps, valves, fans, dampers, and the like. Most controllers are automatic but have user input such as temperature set points, e.g. ...
  23. used to describe collective group of electronics that control the motor (e.g. drive, indexer, etc.).
  24. Tested for proper operation and repaired as necessary.
  25. Experienced accountant who directs internal accounting processes and procedures, including cost accounting.