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contravened, past tense; contravened, past participle; contravening, present participle; contravenes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Violate the prohibition or order of (a law, treaty, or code of conduct)
    • - this would contravene the rule against hearsay
  2. Conflict with (a right, principle, etc.), esp. to its detriment
    • - this contravened Washington's commitment to its own proposal

  1. conflict: go against, as of rules and laws; "He ran afoul of the law"; "This behavior conflicts with our rules"
  2. contradict: deny the truth of
  3. (contravention) dispute: coming into conflict with
  4. The term Contravention is used in French, Swiss and Australian law. The act of contravening can be: opposition; obstruction; transgression; violation.
  5. To act contrary to an order, or fail to conform to a regulation; To deny the truth of something
  6. (Contravention) A breach of one or more traffic or parking controls.
  7. (Contravention) A term of French law meaning an act violative of a law, a treaty, or an agreement made between parties; a breach of law punishable by a fine of fifteen francs or less and by an imprisonment of three days or less. In the U.S. ...
  8. (Contravention) Outlines in writing the potential penalty that would be applied should a regulation be broken or contravened. There are 349 in the current draft of the AMPS Master Penalty Document.
  9. (Contravention) when a court finds a party has not complied with (followed) a court order, that party is in contravention of (or has breached) the order.
  10. go against - 41 misses