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(of a disease) Spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact,
  1. (of a disease) Spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact
    • - a contagious infection
  2. (of a person or animal) Likely to transmit a disease by contact with other people or animals

  3. (of an emotion, feeling, or attitude) Likely to spread to and affect others
    • - her enthusiasm is contagious

  1. easily diffused or spread as from one person to another; "a contagious grin"
  2. catching: (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection
  3. (contagiously) in a contagious manner; "she was contagiously bubbly"
  4. Contagious is the eighth studio album by American hard rock/heavy metal band Y&T, released in 1987 through Geffen Records. It is the first Y&T studio album to feature a different line up since their debut album, with Jimmy DeGrasso replacing Leonard Haze on drums after he left the band in 1986.
  5. Contagious is the second album by soul singer, Peggy Scott-Adams. It followed hot on the heels of the success of her debut album "Help Yourself. Includes the hit singles, "Spousal Abuse", "I'm in Love" and "What'cha Doin' To Me."
  6. Contagious is the third full-length studio album of Philippine bossa nova singer Sitti, after 2006's Café Bossa and 2007's My Bossa Nova. It was released in mid-2009.
  7. "Contagious" is a song by The Isley Brothers, featuring Ronald Isley. It was released as a single off of their 2001 album "Eternal". The song was written and produced by R. Kelly, who was also featured on the song, and also featured background vocals by R&B singer Chanté Moore.
  8. Contagious is the second demo album released by Christian rock band Third Day in 1994. Like their previous effort, Long Time Forgotten, it was released independently and features some of the songs the band later released on their album Third Day.
  9. Of a disease, easily transmitted to others; Of a fashion, laughter, etc., easily passed on to others; Of a person, having a disease that can be transmitted to another person by touch
  10. transmitted by direct or indirect contact.
  11. A contagious disease is easily spread from one person to another by contact with the infectious agent that causes the disease. The agent may be in droplets of liquid particles made by coughing or sneezing, contaminated food utensils, water or food.
  12. Bacteria growing in the udder that are spread from cow to cow.
  13. Easily passable between people through normal day-to-day contact. For example, chicken pox is both an infectious (causing infection) and a contagious disease. ...
  14. infectious diseases, result of pathogen invasion, reproduction, and subsequent infection of other individuals.
  15. The type of infectious disease that can spread from person to person through contact with feces, saliva, or mucus secretions.
  16. An infectious disease transmitted from human to human.
  17. That which spreads through physical contact; spreading easily.
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