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consultancies, plural;
  1. A professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field, esp. business
    • - a management consultancy firm
  2. The work of giving such advice

  1. the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field; "a business management consultancy"
  2. A consultant (from the Latin consultare means "to discuss" from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area of expertise such as management, accountancy, the environment, entertainment, technology, law ( ...
  3. (The Consultants) The Consultants are a comedy sketch team who first reached public prominence in August 2002 where they won the Perrier Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Fringe.
  4. A consultant or consulting firm
  5. (Consultants) Architects, Engineers, Construction Project Managers and other professionals retained by the Owner  to perform professional services for a Project.
  6. (Consultants) Contractors who learn what your own people could have learned given the same time and money.
  7. (Consultants) Experienced specialists in a field; these professionals are usually paid to help companies with less experience.
  8. (Consultants) Firms and Individuals who provide guidance, instruction, content, link-building, social-media awareness and other internet marketing services, that is: SEO or SEM. Costs and services provided vary widely from one provider to another, search the internet for reviews before deciding.
  9. (Consultants) In a virtual classroom or computer-supported writing facilities, consultants are often, but not always, students who have some special training or expertise. Technical consultants, for example, generally have some hardware or software expertise, or both, on one or more systems (e. ...
  10. (Consultants) Independent entities engaged under a grant to provide a specific service or product (product purchase or fee-for-service). They are not employees of the grantee and no employer-employee relationship exists between the consultant and the grantee.
  11. (Consultants) Paid professionals that perform specific functions for your business. Consultants can include attorneys, accountants, and advertising/marketing agencies.
  12. (Consultants) Refers to individuals or a firm that advises or consults with the institution about information technology plans or directions, either in general or with regard to a specific technology implementation or project.
  13. (Consultants) Representatives of the buyers of insurance and employee benefits who owe allegiance to the buyers rather than to the organizations through which they place their clients’ coverage.  Consultants traditionally have been compensated on the basis of fees charged to clients.
  14. (Consultants) Specialist resources used for particular purposes. Specialization of consultants increases complexity in society. Consultants can also be used to drive change management, a way of changing systems with a high level of complexity.
  15. (Consultants) Want to see our credentials? Our team of highly experienced training consultants ensure that Sales Training International can provide you with the training you need. From Office Management to Coaching, discover how our consultants will help you to improve your business.
  16. (Consultants) are doctors holding posts in the NHS after completion  of the Certificate of Specialist training.  The title is an honorific, not a qualification.
  17. (Consultants) who want to measure how the benefits of an I.T. investment achieves
  18. (consultants) Individuals providing services to Transpower, but not directly employed by Transpower. These individuals would work for other companies that are contracted to provide services to Transpower. ...
  19. Consultants can offer advice on the overall validation process or specific portions of it. Use of consultants must be justified and managed to ensure value for money and benefit to the organisation.
  20. We offer a professional consultancy service advising on a broad range of issues including Read more...
  21. Externally hired public relations services, either an individual consultant or a public relations consultancy
  22. An organisation or individual employed by the University for specific tasks, usually where specialist knowledge or an objective review is required.
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  24. Technology, marketing, strategic and all-else-fails situations
  25. We can help advise on the building, running and promotion of your forum. We can be available on am arranged, regular basis, or simply as and when you need help.