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  1. the person to whom merchandise is delivered over
  2. A person or company to whom commodities are shipped.
  3. The party such as mentioned in the transport document by whom the goods, cargo or containers are to be received.
  4. The party or location that is receiving product.
  5. Individual or company to whom cargo is shipped or consigned.
  6. A person, firm, or government activity named as the receiver of a shipment; one to whom a shipment is consigned.
  7. A person who receives goods that belong to someone else for future sale or other purpose. Although consignees are not the owners of the goods, they are accountable for them.
  8. The receiver of a freight shipment.
  9. Main article: Consignee
  10. The party appearing on a bill of lading to which the carrier has been instructed to deliver the goods.
  11. The individual or company to whom a seller or shipper sends merchandise and who, upon presentation of necessary documents, is recognized as the merchandise owner for the purpose of declaring and paying customs duties.
  12. the person or organization to which freight is shipped.
  13. A person to whom goods are shipped.
  14. The receving or delivery end of a freight shipment
  15. The party named in the bill of lading to whom delivery is promised and/or title is passed.
  16. Person to whom commodities/technology is being shipped. Can be an agent holding material for another.
  17. The individual who signs in receipt of goods on behalf of the Requesting Department.
  18. A merchant to which goods are delivered in a consignment.
  19. The person or firm designated to receive freight that has been shipped.
  20. ’ is the one, who, on grounds of the Contract of Carriage, the transport document or the law, has the right to take delivery of the goods from the Carrier in the port of destination. ...
  21. A person to whom a shipper usually directs a carrier to deliver goods; generally the buyer is called a consignee on a bill of lading.
  22. The person or firm who receives the shipped articles.
  23. The person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been consigned or turned over. For export control purposes, the documentation differentiates between an intermediate consignee and an ultimate consignee.
  24. means any person, organization or Government which is entitled to take delivery of a consignment.
  25. means the Person or firm (usually a buyer) named by the consignor (usually a seller) in the transportation documents (such as an air waybill or bill of lading) as the party to whose order a consignment will be delivered at the port of destination. ...