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Small pieces of colored paper thrown during a celebration such as a wedding,
  1. Small pieces of colored paper thrown during a celebration such as a wedding

  1. small pieces or streamers of colored paper that are thrown around on festive occasions (as at a wedding)
  2. Confetti is a multitude of pieces of paper, mylar or metallic material which is usually thrown at parades and celebrations, especially weddings (and game shows, following the end of a milestone or the occasion of a big win), although it is largely deemed appropriate for any and all situations ...
  3. Confetti is an album from 1984 by Sérgio Mendes. It features the vocal talents of Joe Pizzulo, Gracinha Leporace, and many other notable singers. Many of the songs were written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil (the composers of "Never Gonna Let You Go"). ...
  4. Confetti were a British band during the early 1990s.
  5. Confetti is a 2006 British mockumentary romantic comedy film that was released on 5 May 2006. It was conceived and directed by Debbie Isitt and stars many acclaimed British comedians, including Jessica Stevenson, Jimmy Carr, Martin Freeman, Mark Heap, Julia Davis, Robert Webb, and Olivia Colman. ...
  6. 'Confetti' is the third studio album by Little Birdy, and was released on 8 May 2009. It debuted at #6 on the ARIA album charts.
  7. Paper-thin elements of glass that can be incorporated into a fused or blown glass design. Also called "shards."
  8. What you sometimes get paid in if you are not careful with whom you play.
  9. polite slang referring to lies and tales told by TAP-DANCERs to conceal their activity or intent, being a form of rigmarole SNOW or BLOW SMOKE malarkey (malarky); also called "fairy dust", and commonly known as bullshit. ...
  10. Thin shard of glass used to add shading and design. Also referred to as shards.
  11. means "sugar-coated almonds" in Italian
  12. tiny pieces pf paper, often thrown during celebrations
  13. Paper streamers in multiple colors that are propelled by a gas cartridge or by a small pyrotechnic charge.
  14. Glass confetti are very thin pieces of colored glass, which can be added to glass fusing projects.
  15. To dream of confetti obstructing your view in a crowd of merry-makers, denotes that you will lose much by first seeking enjoyment, and later fulfil tasks set by duty.