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condones, 3rd person singular present; condoned, past tense; condoned, past participle; condoning, present participle;
  1. Accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue
    • - the college cannot condone any behavior that involves illicit drugs
  2. Approve or sanction (something), esp. with reluctance
    • - the practice is not officially condoned by any airline

  1. excuse: excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with; "excuse someone's behavior"; "She condoned her husband's occasional infidelities"
  2. To forgive, excuse or overlook (something); To allow, accept or permit (something); To forgive (marital infidelity or other marital offense)
  3. (Condoning) When a player does not claim a foul within the time limits allotted to claim a foul. Failure to make the claim results in the play being legal and no foul is charged.
  4. To act after an opponent's irregularity without arranging for the penalty specified in the Laws to be applied.
  5. To permit, tolerate or overlook.
  6. to give tacit approval to