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composed, past participle; composing, present participle; composed, past tense; composes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Write or create (a work of art, esp. music or poetry)
    • - he composed the First Violin Sonata four years earlier
  2. Write or phrase (a letter or piece of writing) with care and thought
    • - the first sentence is so hard to compose
  3. Form (a whole) by ordering or arranging the parts, esp. in an artistic way
    • - compose and draw a still life
  4. Order or arrange (parts) to form a whole, esp. in an artistic way
    • - make an attempt to compose your images
  5. (of elements) Constitute or make up (a whole)
    • - the system is composed of a group of machines
  6. Be (a specified number or amount) of a whole
    • - women compose 49 percent of that group
  7. Calm or settle (oneself or one's features or thoughts)
    • - she tried to compose herself
  8. Settle (a dispute)
    • - the king, with some difficulty, composed this difference
  9. Prepare (a text) for printing by manually, mechanically, or electronically setting up the letters and other characters in the order to be printed

  10. Set up (letters and characters) in this way

  1. form the substance of; "Greed and ambition composed his personality"
  2. write music; "Beethoven composed nine symphonies"
  3. write: produce a literary work; "She composed a poem"; "He wrote four novels"
  4. put together out of existing material; "compile a list"
  5. calm (someone, especially oneself); make quiet; "She had to compose herself before she could reply to this terrible insult"
  6. frame: make up plans or basic details for; "frame a policy"
  7. (composed) serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress; "the performer seemed completely composed as she stepped onto the stage"; "I felt calm and more composed than I had in a long time"
  8. (composing) composition: the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole; "harmonious composition is essential in a serious work of art"
  9. In mathematics, function composition is the application of one function to the results of another. For instance, the functions and can be composed by computing the output of g when it has an argument of f(x) instead of x. ...
  10. To make something by merging parts. [ from later 15th c.]; To make up the whole; to constitute; To comprise; To construct by mental labor; to think up; particularly, to produce or create a literary or musical work; To calm oneself down; To arrange the elements of a photograph or other picture
  11. (composed) showing composure
  12. (Composed) (P) - Keeps calm when facing interception fire, for greater accuracy.
  13. (Composed) calm and in control of your feelings. Sereno, tranquilo.
  14. Arms Composed are the addition by a gentleman to his own armorial bearings of a portion of those borne by his wife. The practice is now obsolete, the device of marshalling the arms of one's wife with his own having rendered its continuance unnecessary. (Gloss. of Her.)
  15. (Composing) To see in your dreams a composing stick, foretells that difficult problems will disclose themselves, and you will be at great trouble to meet them.
  16. To design or create something by arranging different parts into a whole.
  17. Multics text formatting command, successor to runoff. Written by Ed Wallman of Honeywell Phoenix. Unbundled product.
  18. To formulate a composition in written, spoken, musical or artistic form.
  19. Part of a process of grouping decomposed numbers into quantities that are easier to compute.
  20. To type out an email message. You can compose a message either online or off line.
  21. To create, put together, or arrange the elements of art in a work, usually according to the principles of design.
  22. allow you to type in your message before you sent to the recipients.
  23. is a resume writing power word that can describe a creative ability or skill, indicate self motivation,  and show the employer competence and intelligence.
  24. The act of constructing or creating an original piece of writing.
  25. To set copy into type