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components, plural;
  1. Constituting part of a larger whole; constituent
    • - light passed through a prism breaks up into its component colors
  1. A part or element of a larger whole, esp. a part of a machine or vehicle
    • - stereo components
  2. Each of two or more forces, velocities, or other vectors acting in different directions that are together equivalent to a given vector

  1. an abstract part of something; "jealousy was a component of his character"; "two constituents of a musical composition are melody and harmony"; "the grammatical elements of a sentence"; "a key factor in her success"; "humor: an effective ingredient of a speech"
  2. part: something determined in relation to something that includes it; "he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself"; "I read a portion of the manuscript"; "the smaller component is hard to reach"; "the animal constituent of plankton"
  3. an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system; "spare components for cars"; "a component or constituent element of a system"
  4. In mathematics, in the field of group theory, a component of a finite group is a quasisimple subnormal subgroup. Any two distinct components commute. The product of all the components is the layer of the group.
  5. Component-based software engineering (CBSE) (also known as component-based development (CBD)) is a branch of software engineering which emphasizes the separation of concerns in respect of the wide-ranging functionality available throughout a given software system. ...
  6. In thermodynamics, a component is a chemically distinct constituent of a system. Calculating the number of components in a system is necessary, for example, when applying Gibbs phase rule in determination of the number of degrees of freedom of a system.
  7. A component in the Unified Modeling Language "represents a modular part of a system, that encapsulates its content and whose manifestation is replaceable within its environment. A component defines its behavior in terms of provided and required interfaces". OMG (2008). '''' p.146.
  8. In elementary mathematics, physics, and engineering, a Euclidean vector (sometimes called a geometric or spatial vector , or – as here – simply a vector) is a geometric object that has both a magnitude (or length) and direction. ...
  9. Component is a light rail station operated by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. The station is located located in San Jose, California in the center median of 1st Street near Component Drive. The station's street address is 2540 N. First Street.
  10. A smaller, self-contained part of a larger entity. Often refers to a manufactured object that is part of a larger device; Making up a larger whole; as a component word; Made up of smaller complete units in combination; as a component stereo
  11. (Component/s) Backend / Domain Model
  12. (Component/s) Unspecified - Framework
  13. (Components) Refers to other devices used and needed when building a solar system.
  14. (Components) User/Kernel space · Server · Loadable kernel module · Device driver
  15. Components are Mambo's content elements or applications that are usually displayed in the center of the main content area of a template. (Although the template designer can choose to place components in a different place in the template). Components are core elements of Mambo's functionality. ...
  16. (components) a part, or piece that makes up the whole item
  17. (COMPONENTS) Separate speakers, usually a tweeter and mid-range with appropriate crossover.
  18. (COMPONENTS) Units, parts, parameter, factors of a system, independent and interdependent units. Biotic components: genes, cells, organs, organisms, populations, communities. Abiotic components: Matter and energy (JA)
  19. (Components) 1. The Net Operating Income is the amount of cash that a property is capable of generating annually if owned free and clear of debt, and before income tax payments. 2. ...
  20. (Components) A group that is connected to each other but separated from other groups.
  21. (Components) A piece of layout that you can move around your blog.
  22. (Components) Anterior cingulate gyrus, Posterior cingulate gyrus
  23. (Components) Anything used to make a fitting including raw material, labels, gaskets, locking rings, clamps, etc.
  24. (Components) Building Blocks of the Eclipse IDE. Examples:
  25. (Components) Catch-all term for brakes, shifters, derailleurs, gears, chains etc.