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complexions, plural;
  1. The natural color, texture, and appearance of a person's skin, esp. of the face
    • - an attractive girl with a pale complexion
  2. The general aspect or character of something
    • - Congress's new complexion became boldly apparent last summer
    • - wind, rain, and road construction have gradually changed Baja's complexion

  1. give a certain color to; "The setting sun complexioned the hills"
  2. the coloring of a person's face
  3. a combination that results from coupling or interlinking; "diphthongs are complexions of vowels"
  4. a point of view or general attitude or inclination; "he altered the complexion of his times"; "a liberal political complexion"
  5. texture and appearance of the skin of the face
  6. (obsolete) a combination of elements (of dryness and warmth or of the four humors) that was once believed to determine a person's health and temperament
  7. Complexions Contemporary Ballet is a contemporary ballet company founded in 1994 by Artistic Directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson based in New York City comprising about twenty classical and contemporary dancers. ...
  8. To dream that you have a beautiful complexion is lucky. You will pass through pleasing incidents. To dream that you have bad and dark complexion, denotes disappointment and sickness.
  9. the overall feeling or tenor of a match.
  10. An ion that may be formed by the addition reaction of two or more other ions.
  11. (which comes from the stem complex) is standard and complection usually is not.^[55] However, the adjective complected (as in "dark-complected"), although sometimes objected to, is standard in U.S. ...