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Consisting of many different and connected parts,
  1. Consisting of many different and connected parts
    • - a complex network of water channels
  2. Not easy to analyze or understand; complicated or intricate
    • - a complex personality
    • - the situation is more complex than it appears
  3. Denoting or involving numbers or quantities containing both a real and an imaginary part

  4. Denoting an ion or molecule in which one or more groups are linked to a metal atom by coordinate bonds

  1. Make (an atom or compound) form a complex with another
    • - the DNA was complexed with the nuclear extract
    • - the complexed metal ion
  2. Form a complex
    • - these proteins are capable of complexing with VP16
  1. A group of similar buildings or facilities on the same site
    • - a new apartment complex
    • - a complex of hotels
  2. A group or system of different things that are linked in a close or complicated way; a network
    • - a complex of mountain roads
  3. A related group of emotionally significant ideas that are completely or partly repressed and that cause psychic conflict leading to abnormal mental states or behavior

  4. A disproportionate concern or anxiety about something
    • - there's no point having a complex about losing your hair
  5. An ion or molecule in which one or more groups are linked to a metal atom by coordinate bonds

  6. Any loosely bonded species formed by the association of two molecules
    • - cross-linked protein—DNA complexes

  1. a conceptual whole made up of complicated and related parts; "the complex of shopping malls, houses, and roads created a new town"
  2. complicated in structure; consisting of interconnected parts; "a complex set of variations based on a simple folk melody"; "a complex mass of diverse laws and customs"
  3. a compound described in terms of the central atom to which other atoms are bound or coordinated
  4. (psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior
  5. building complex: a whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures
  6. (complexness) complexity: the quality of being intricate and compounded; "he enjoyed the complexity of modern computers"
  7. CoMPLEX (Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology) is a inter-disciplinary virtual centre at University College London that seeks to bring together mathematicians, physical scientists, computer scientists and engineers upon the problems posed by ...
  8. Complex was a Japanese band composed of guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei and singer Koji Kikkawa.
  9. A multiprotein complex (or protein complex) is a group of two or more associated polypeptide chains. If the different polypeptide chains contain different protein domain, the resulting multiprotein complex can have multiple catalytic functions. ...
  10. In chemistry, a coordination complex or metal complex, is a structure consisting of a central atom or ion (usually metallic), bonded to a surrounding array of molecules or anions (ligands, complexing agents).
  11. In topology, a CW complex is a type of topological space introduced by J. H. C. Whitehead to meet the needs of homotopy theory. This class of spaces is broader and has some better categorical properties than simplicial complexes, but still retains a combinatorial nature that allows for computation.
  12. Complex is a metropolitan hipster men's style/lifestyle magazine founded by Marc Ecko and Hugh McFall in 2002. The publication offers mainstream readers insight into the latest trends in Hipster niche cultures, such as streetwear, sneaker culture, hip hop, and graphic art. ...
  13. A problem; A collection of buildings with a common purpose, such as a university or military base; A psychologically based dislike or fear of a particular thing; A thunderstorm that forms when two storm fronts collide; A structure consisting of a central atom or molecule weakly connected to ...
  14. (complexing) The formation of a complex; complexation
  15. (Complexes (AT)) which are an important feature of the personal unconscious, are accumulations of associations, sometimes of a traumatic nature, that possess strong emotional content - for example, the mother complex.
  16. (Complexes) Note that the term "complex" (as a noun, used in psychiatry/psychoanalysis to describe a combination of elaborately interconnected or interrelated impulses, ideas, emotions, related to a particular activity or object, was not introduced by Freud or Jung, as has been claimed, nor by ...
  17. For complexes between protein or peptide chains, see Probable Quaternary Structure. See also ligand.
  18. (Complexity) An element in all great wines and many very good ones; a combination of richness, depth, flavor intensity, focus, balance, harmony and finesse.
  19. (Complexity) This is the ideal for a great wine. Flavor and aroma/bouquet are layered to create a wine with a rich, complex character.
  20. (Complexity) the level of difficulty to build, solve or understand something based on the number of inputs, interactions and uncertainty involved.
  21. (COMPLEXITY) When a wine is at once rich and deep, yet balanced and showing finesse. No greater compliment can be paid a wine. A mature Chateau Latour, d’Yquem or La Tache Burgundy are prime examples of complex wines.
  22. (Complexity) the degree of difficulty which a purchaser of a new product has in understanding it; a major determinant of the rate of new product adoption.
  23. (Complexity) A tasting term describing coffees whose taste sensations shift and layer pleasurably, and give the impression of depth and resonance.
  24. (complexity) The degree to which a component or system has a design and/or internal structure that is difficult to understand, maintain and verify. See also cyclomatic complexity.
  25. (Complexity) Refers to the complexity of a cheese that shapes its flavor. The cheesemaker controls a cheese’s complexity by carefully managing the enzymes in the curd. ...