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Completing; forming a complement,
  1. Completing; forming a complement
    • - backyard satellite dishes and the complementary electronic components
  2. (of two or more different things) Combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize each other's qualities
    • - three guitarists playing interlocking, complementary parts
  3. (of gene sequences, nucleotides, etc.) Related by the rules of base pairing

  4. Of or relating to complementary medicine

  1. complementary color: either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments); "yellow and blue are complementaries"
  2. of words or propositions so related that each is the negation of the other; "`male' and `female' are complementary terms"
  3. complemental: acting as or providing a complement (something that completes the whole)
  4. Acting as a complement; Of the specific pairings of the bases in DNA and RNA
  5. indicates that the section supports but is separable from the main content of resource.
  6. The preferential binding of bases A to T (or U) in DNA or RNA. For example, if there is a GTC on the DNA strand, the complementary RNA or DNA sequence will be CAG. ...
  7. and integrative are claimed to synthesize standard and alternative methods, using the best of both. However, no published data indicate the extent to which practitioners who use these labels actually use proven methods or the extent to which they burden patients with useless methods. ...
  8. in double-stranded DNA, describing strands able to bind to each other. In base sequence, an adenine on one strand is complementary to, or matched by, a thymine on the other. Similarly with guanine and cytosine.
  9. A property of DNA whereby each nitrogenous base pairs with another particular base (A with T and G with C); two complementary single strands have nucleotide sequences that enable their bases to pair up; see Figure B-8.
  10. The Latin word complere means to complete. The ple root is the same root that gives us the word plus. Most mathematical uses of complement can be understood from this origin. A complement to an angle is the amount needed to complete a right angle. ...
  11. DNA is a ‘double helix’. Imagine a rubber ladder, twisted—thats a ‘double helix’. Now imagine cutting that ladder in half right up the middle of the rungs. Only, when you cut the rungs, some are cut with a square notch, and some with a triangle notch. ...
  12. supplying something that is lacking in another object, system, or entity; (shapes) fitting together tightly without any gaps.
  13. Complementary remedies enhance or augment the action of the previous remedy.
  14. A property of nucleic acids, whereby adenine (A) always pairs with thymine (T) while cytosine (C) always pairs with guanine (G). In a DNA molecule, there are two strands that follow this pairing. ...
  15. relating to the precise pairing of bases between two strands of DNA and sometimes between one strand of DNA and a strand of RNA
  16. In the context of cancer treatment, it is a service used in addition to traditional care to add to the well being of the person being treated.
  17. Describes the specific matching of base pairs. This matching occurs because the structure of one base precisely fits with, and bonds to, another specific base. In DNA adenine and thymine are complementary and form a base pair, as do cytosine and guanine. ...
  18. Complementary defines modalities offered in conjunction with traditional conventional medicine. Many therapies can be utilized in a complementary fashion; they enhance what other therapy is being offered at the time. ...
  19. that which completes or makes a whole
  20. a color scheme using colors that are directly opposite each other on a color wheel; the highest contrast combination of colors
  21. Pertaining to a colour scheme; making use of colours from opposite ends of the colour wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange.
  22. Products who are in support of one another as with peanut butter and jelly or the airlines and car rental firms because half of all cars are rented at airports.